Sally Hansen Miracle Gel „Spice Age“ – A glimpse of the future?

If you are wondering now, why I titled this „A glimpse to the future“ when the „(Sp)Ice Age“ is clearly history, it just shows that you are way younger than I am.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel "Spice Age" and top coat
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel „Spice Age“ and top coat


Of course I have seen and enjoyed the Ice Age series, and I am almost 100% sure that this is where the inspiration for the name came from. But when I read it, the first thought was „Dune“. Dune? Blue eyes? Spice?

Oh my… Now I feel old.

It is a movie released in 1984, based on a series of books, and while it is slightly strange and confusing, it was all the rage when I was younger. It has nothing to do with nail polish though, but it is Sci-Fi, and the assertion Sally Hansen made with „up to 14 days wear time“ did sound futuristic to me.

Never mind.

Let´s see if Sally Hansens Miracle Gel nail polish in „Spice Age“ did live up to the claim.


What Sally Hansen claims:

Two steps. Up to 14 days of color & shine. Easy removal. No light needed. The next best thing to a salon gel manicure.



Sally Hansen nail polishes come in a wide variety of colors and is ready available at drugstores. I got mine at DM and payed 11,99 € in store, which is exactly what I would pay online here. Included are 14,7 ml.

If you are using the range for the first time, you need to get the corresponding top coat (again 11,99 € here). Of course any other top coat would work as well, but the „up to 14 days“ are related to using both.

The brush is a smaller than I personally prefer, but easy to work with. I needed two coats for an opaque finish. Despite using thin layers of color, I found the drying time to be longer than I am used to, especially the top coat did take a while to fully dry.

And the duration on my nails? See for yourself. I took this picture on day seven.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel "Spice Age" after seven days on my nail
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel „Spice Age“ after seven days on my nail


Minor tip wear, one big chip, but still with a nice shine (a little duller than directly after application). If the shine compares to a salon gel manicure is beyond me to judge, as I never had one. To be honest, I didn’t notice much difference to my regular top coat in terms of finish.

I took it off on day eight, when major chipping started. Just as promised it was easy to remove.


Does it live up to its claims?


Due to the fact that they claim „up to“ 14 days, so anything between 2 and 14 days is going to count. But without being petty, on my nails seven days are quite impressive.

About the „next best thing to a salon gel manicure“ – That is for someone else to evaluate.


Will I rebuy?


Another color, obviously, but I really enjoy the formula. And of course I will try if I can get 7 days out of it using another top coat.


Who do I recommend it to?

If your nail polish chips easily, these might be worth giving a try. It is one of the longer-lasting formulas on my nails.

If you enjoy high-shine nails and a variety of colors, go get your fix.

But if you are on a budget, I guess there are cheaper alternatives around that really do come close.


Now enlighten me: Have you seen „Dune“?

And have you tried any Sally Hansen polish yourself?


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  • Did you use a base coat? I wonder if Seche Vite would work just as well as a top cost.

    Sally Hensen has some great products, but the price tag sometimes makes me walk away. haha/

    Angie | Chocolate & Lipstick | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

    • I didn´t, and I was slightly worried about that, because I always use a base coat to avoid staining. But they claim that the base coat is „included“ in the formula, and i really wanted to test the wear time under the right premises…
      No staining happened.
      And yes, it is pretty expensive.

  • To someone like me whose nails chip by just even looking at them this is really impressive.

    • I found that when I keep them real short, some polishes last five to six days on me, so this is better than my Essie ones. Other polishes chip right the next day, so I am quite impressed as well.
      I am in awe when someone tells me that „in general polishes last ten days on me“. I mean, don’t they touch anything with their hands?

  • Maybe the up to 14-day claim is possible if the wearer does not do anything like doing the dishes. Heh. I love Sally Hansen, expensive but quality is great! xx

  • Oh these look nice! I like the bronze coloured one. Gemma x

  • Very beautiful colours they look great!!

  • I have never tried the gel polishes from Sally Hansen but I have heard good things about them. It is a really good brand though. My nail polish usually lasts 7 days, with a top coat. I just got a new one though- we will see if it’s gonna be as good as the Sephora one.


    • I haven’t tried the Sephora Formula X yet (I know, I know, I purchased it back in September) and stick to my Seche Vite that I want to finish first. 5-6 days is what I usually get out of my polishes.

  • Aisha

    Seven days for me is a dream!! My nail polish lasts 4 days. But I’m lazy and I don‘ use a top coat xd

    • If I don’t use a top coat I get major chipping within two days.

  • This looks like such a good polish! I need to give it a go if it lasts this long for sure 🙂

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  • I must be too young, because when you referenced Ice Age I thought you were referring to the movies! (with the squirrel on an eternal chase for the nut.) Just puts into perspective how views can be so different!
    This nail polish looks nice- I always tend to chip mine within a day, so if this could last for even 7 days I’d be happy! I’ll have to take a look next time I’m in the drugstore!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Few things remind me of how old I actually am than reading blogs, to be honest. Most people weren’t even born when I went to buy my first lipstick! But hey, that way we have more diversity around the blogosphere.

  • I really like Sally Hansen nail products but I’ve actually never tried their gel polishes. I really like how well they lasted on you (my nails usually chip after a day so I’m impressed) x

    Beauty with charm

    • My nail polish chips within 5 days if it is a great one (Essie i.e.) or within a day if it isn’t. 7 days is pretty good.

  • I had never heard of Dune, it sounds interesting though. I’ll have to keep it in mind for when I need a Sci-fi fix 😉 Sally Hansen, on the other hand, I am more than familiar with, haha! I’ve tried probably all of their lines apart from the Miracle Gel. It looks good, seven days if definitely impressive. My nails need more strength before I start abusing them again, though, haha.


    • I guess the special effects in that film are really awkward once you watch it, but back then they were top of the crops!
      How did you abuse them? What weakened them so much?

      • Those are the best special effects, haha!
        I bit my nails for, I don’t know, the better part of fifteen years. And then when I finally did stop they were painted almost non-stop for a few months which I’m sure did not help!

        • I see. But having them painted sure did help with the biting, no?

          • Oddly no, haha. I always bit them whether they were painted or not. In the end I just put my mind to not biting them and painted them just so I didn’t have to look at the regrowth.

          • When I was little my mother had a special bitter „nail polish“ she would use to stop us from biting our nails.

  • Pam Scalfi

    ive never used this brand believe it or not, i always go for Essie. But I agree, if it looks this good after 7 days despite the chips, then it’s worth it!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  • I love this top coat & need to try some of the polishes! xx


  • Love the shade. Stunning 🙂

  • I really like Sally Hansen products but never tried Miracle Gel. It’s nice to hear that this product works as many of her products do what they claim. Seven days is a good amount of time for nail polish to last. I will give this a try. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 Michele xx

    • Which others can you recommend? That one was the first thing I tried.

  • I don’t think I’ve seen Dune, if I have I was too young to remember it… I remember my brother (who is the same age as you, I think) having the video game, though.
    Seven days pretty much chip-free is definitely impressive!

  • I am a big fan of Sally Hansen products but never tried this one before! The color is very nice for fall and winter, I’ve been gravitating toward darker colors lately. Definitely going to check this out! Have a nice Tuesday 🙂

  • Toyas Tales

    I actually love the Spice Age color. I have never been huge on polishing my nails because I’m hard on m y fingernails. It doesn’t matter what I use it will not last but I would totally try this on my toenails.

  • Rakel

    I didn’t know the brand but they really look good! great review! 🙂

    Rakel ♥

  • I love the formula of these! I actually really like the brush, I think it’s a perfect size for me. The color you picked up is so pretty!

    Thirteen Thoughts

    • I usually prefer them a little wider, but it worked just fine. Which colors would you recommend I try?

  • I use Sally Hansen Insta Dry top coat, it’s actually my favorite fast drying top coat ever. I can’t deal with polish that takes forever to dry. I just can’t. So for me it’s a deal breaker! The point of gel manicure is also that once cured with a UV lamp it’s immediately dry.
    I got a gel mani once and it was a disaster, so I don’t do it anymore, but to be honest I don’t think that the result you got at day 7 warrants the polish to be called „miracle gel“ or „long-wearing“. Not for me I guess!

    • I never got a gel mani, so I wouldn’t know about how close it came, and usually my nails don’t loose their shine with my regular top coat as well, so I am not sure on what the claims are based.
      Is the Insta Dry really dry in an instant?

      • Not an instant but within 5 minutes top the surface is dry, even if you applied 3+ layers of polish underneath that would normally take 30+ minutes to be dry enough to use your hands! I’ve never had the dreaded „bed sheet prints“ on my nails since I started using it. It’s a life saver for me, and I like it much better than the Seche Vite top coat.

        • I am mainly using the Seche Vite and am pretty content with that, but it seems I need to check that one out as well.

  • Eleanor Hughes

    This is a great review, I love gel finish polishes because it looks like you’ve been to the salon but way cheaper and you can change the colour on your nails more often
    The Lipstick, The Girl and Her Wardrobe

    • I have never been to the salon, so I wouldn’t know how the original looks like.

  • Most of the nail polishes last more than a few days on me, and I get bored of the same nail polish quickly so I’ve never thought about using a gel coat. 7 days lasting is pretty impressive! In order to see the hype of these gel polishes, I will check the cheaper alternative (essence).

    Ela BellaWorld

    • I haven’t tried the essence one, but I am contemplating picking it up. Let me know if you think it is worth it.

  • I’ve never tried these types of polishes or had a gel manicure though I have heard they tend to last longer. Actually 7 days of wear would be pretty good as far as I’m concerned since I do so much work with my hands.

    • I get an average of 5 days for my usual nail polish (Essie), so 7 is quite good. I work a lot with my hands as well, so I´d never expect a polish to last 14 days.

  • Kate

    This is a really pretty colour and I’d be over the moon if any nail polish still looked that intact on my nails by day 7! I will have to check out Sally Hansen. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    • How long does your polish usually last?

      • Kate

        I would say a maximum of three days. I wear a top coat and usually keep my nails short too so I don’t really know why it always chips so easily on me! x

        • You probably just work too much with your hands. Perfect excuse to get a cleaning lady!

          • Kate

            Haha, I’m going to tell my husband that we absolutely need a cleaning lady as my manicures aren’t lasting long enough and it’s simply not acceptable! X

          • That should convince him immediately!

  • Nice, I like that!

    • Thank you Erin.

      • No problem! How soon are we coming up to the due date? It should be just weeks right?

        • If he is on time, it is a little more than four weeks. But his sister was a week early, and they say the first one usually stays in longest, so we will see.

  • Nadia

    Gorgeous colour! Very good result on a day 7, Anne. Nothing worse in the nail polish than when it chips on day 2! I haven’t seen „Dune“ sadly, have I missed out? 🙂
    xox N.

    • That depends. I guess it is a little late now, it definitely had an 80s vibe that isn’t fully appreciated these days anymore.

  • I haven’t seen Dune, I’m sorry 😀 But it may be due to the fact that I don’t always enjoy SciFi (I don’t hate it, but it’s not an every-day genre for me 😀 )
    And as for the polish… I really like the fact that it actually lasted that long on someone 😀 My nail polish usually chips after 2 days, 3 max. And when I try really hard and do a nice manicure, it makes me sad 😀 Maybe I should splurge a bit, and try these 🙂 Or maybe just the top coat? Have you tried the top coat on some other nail polish?

  • thefashionsalt

    I’ve never had a gel manicure or seen Dune, though I did trySally Hansen nail polish a long time ago. It didn’t last too long even on my toes as I recall. This one sounds like it would be great on my hands if it lasts 7 days.

    • Even on your toes? My polish there usually lasts forever and a day!

      • thefashionsalt

        I think this was when I was going to the beach a lot. The sand and salt water didn’t work too well with it. It was a light pink too which normally lasts longer than the darker ones.

        • Ah, I see. The beach is really a challenge for every nail polish.

  • This is such a gorgeous color. I’m still very impressed it lasted as long as it did.

  • I haven’t heard from this brand before, but these nail polishes look pretty awesome! I really like that brown shade. Hope you are having a great week, Lola! xx

    Ale |

  • It sounds like a really promising product! Even if it doesn’t last the full 14 days for you, it does last a nice amount of time, and I like that it’s easy to remove. I’ve done gel nails myself a few times (my sister has a kit for it) and they are always a pain to take off again!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • I never tried gel, I was always worried I´d ruin my already weak nails.

      • I think you do have to be careful with it. I have big breaks in between doing it but my sister does it regularly and her nails don’t always look the best – sometimes she needs to take breaks from it to get the strength back in her nails.

  • Belle M

    I have not seen Dune but it sounds fascinating! 🙂

    I like that it stayed shiny because nail polishes seem to lose shine and go dull after a day or two (for me) but I do wish it had lasted more than 7 days. If you have a busy schedule (which you’re about to with two little ones! haha) sometimes you don’t even have time to change nail polish colors every week. Then again, my nail polish chips after 3 or 4 days so I’ll take 7 over that. =D

    • I don’t think I will be wearing much nail polish with two kids around, after Little Bean was born I went for months with bare nails.

  • That’s a very pretty color on you! Seven days strikes me as a decent length of time, as well, especially if you tend to have trouble with chipping in the first place. Thanks so much for the helpful review. 🙂

    • It sure was better than your salon experience, if I remember correctly.

  • It’s nice it stay long for 7 days, minor flaws only.
    I love the color too.

  • Sarah Laird

    I get my nails done every other week and insist on gel polish as normal varnish chips so easily but I find it gets really expensive! Its great there is an alternative to do at home that lasts so long – I’ll have to pick these up! x

    Viva Epernay | Lush Giveaway ❤

  • Mary Kate

    I’ve seen these all the time at the drugstore and have wanted to try them! I’ll definitely have to look into now!

    Mary Kate

  • I am going to have to try something similar! My nail polish is always chipping!

    xx Chelsea

  • I love this shade, totally going to have to give this a go ♥

  • Rosanna Briguglio

    Love the look of these, great colours too!!
    Have a lovely day 🙂
    Rosanna x

  • It is the first thing I have tried from Sally Hansen, usually I am loyal to Essie.

  • Sara Meireles

    The colours are beautiful and they have a big duration
    new post

  • I didn’t like this range and I for one try a LOOOOOT of nail polishes. Honestly the topcoat is a pain in a** the first time is ok-ish but then starts getting all sticky and gooey just a pain to apply and seems is never going to dry! terrible.

    • I can imagine that you have tried a fair share of polish, just judging by your blog name. The polish did strike me as quite slow to dry, but I was wondering if it would have worked better in summer with natural UV-light?

      • It could be. I’ve tried four colors last July, we had pretty good weather last summer but the problem of slow drying was constant with all shades which made me suspicious of the topcoat. I know they are constantly adding colors to the range so hopefully the formulation has been improved since last summer. The concept is good! Just not working as expected.

        • Have you tried a different top coat with the colors you bought?

          • Yes I did, but it didn’t dry much faster. I’ve also tried the Sally Hansen gel topcoat on other brands and though it wasn’t so bad it wasn’t exactly fast drying

  • lauragale94

    I’ve bitten my nails since I was thirteen, so the only time they’ve ever looked nice before was with acrylics or perhaps shellac. I love a shellac manicure, they can last up to two and a half weeks. I’ve finally beaten the habit this year and stopped biting them, so enjoying reading these types of post at the moment! Love this shade xx

    Laura | Lala London: Beauty & Lifestyle

    • I have never had acrylics or shellac, but I can imagine they help when biting your nails is an issue. And two and a half weeks is impressive!

  • ich mag die farbauswahl der lacke und ja sie halten vermutlich (minimal) besser als der 1 euro dm nagellack, aber ob man nach 3 Tagen oder nach 6 Tagen die Nägel machen muss, ist bei dem Preisleistungsverhältniss oft egal 😀 Trotzdem habe ich selbst einen von denen (genauso wie ich auch Essie Lacke oder anderes zuhause habe). Wenn man eine schöne Farbe findet die aussergewöhnlich ist lohnt es schon 🙂 Ich mag die farbe auf deinen nägeln total 🙂 Ich finde der farbton ist sehr sehr aussergrwöhnlich und intensiv 🙂

    • Ich hab sonst fast nur Essie, die sind günstiger und halten auch so um die 6 Tage. Viele ganz günstige splittern nach 1 Tag bei mir schon, das kann ich nicht ertragen.

  • These look good!

  • Raindrops of Sapphire

    I love Sally Hansen! Such a cute colour!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  • While I own a few nail polishes, it’s also not something I usually go for at the store, or something I splurge on, or go out of my way to buy. Mostly because I have a few people in my family that do nails for a living (among other things of course, they own a salon of sorts) so I go to them and they do it for me. But – I do own my fair share. I was a teen before, right? I have to say my absolute favourites have always been the OPI, and while I haven’t heard of this brand before, they do look gorgeous and absolutely worth the money. Also that colour – so beautiful! Gonna make it easier for when peanut gets here to always have beautiful looking hands as it lasts for so long!

    Ella Pinto xx

    • If it is anything like the last time, my nails will be bare for months. Ain´t nobody got time for that when a newborn is around…
      You have people owning a salon in your family? How exciting. What do they do except nails?

  • Siffat Haider

    Sally Hansen and OPI are my two trusty polishes. I don’t own a ton of nail polishes, but those are my go-tos. I love how they never chip!

  • I have not seen Dune but that didn’t stop me from getting a good chuckle out of your intro. You funny 🙂 Lol. I feel as though 7 days of wear is pretty damn decent so I’m definitely going to look into these polishes. Much like my lipsticks, I’m rough with my nails too so I’m curious to see how these hold up on my nails! I love your posts, Xx

    Rosy Cheeks |

    • Seven days is great. I don’t make to much effort to protect mine as well, I feel like you have to be able to go on living, even if you wear nail polish. Or creamy lipstick, for that matter.

  • I love Sally Hansen too and I just adore the Gel kind =) Great post! =)

    – Cielo

    Mermaid in Heels

  • Wow this colour is stunning! I really like how glam and rustic it looks 🙂 thanks for sharing. xx

  • I almost bought a Sally Hansen polish today, but decided to get a L’oreal one instead. I’ve not really used SH before, but I knew the L’oreal Color Riche line lasts quite well on my nails, so I went with the safe bet. I might have to treat myself to one of these though next time I go shopping.
    The colour is lovely!
    Rubi | Instagram | The Den |

    • I really wanted to try it, and the color stood out to me, so I went for it. It is a treat to yourself, as the price is quite high.

      • That was another reason I went for a L’Oreal polish, they were half the price of the Sally Hansen ones. I don’t think I’ll be able to resist next time I see them after reading this post though.

  • lovely colour and they last well:)

  • Lovely colour and I think that’s pretty good for day 8 chipping…some nail polishes I have tried look like that on day 2! Seeing as I change my nail polish weekly, I only need it to last 7 days! 🙂 x

    Brenda BusyBee

    • I have no set time at which I change my polishes, but barely any lasts longer than a week on me.

  • I am a ‚gel salon‘ gal for my hands and I have no issues with 3 weeks between, but I do paint my toes (or I used to when I could reach them) so I don’t own too many polishes. But if I see these in store I’ll definitely give them a try. Anything to prolong the time between reapplication is a good thing!

    • I haven´t painted my toes in ages. I thought about getting a pedicure, but then I would have to deal with chipping, so I´ll just leave it be for the rest of the time now.

  • I’ve never had luck with gel like these polish top coat duos, for some reason all the ones I’ve tried chipped on me so badly. This one sounds nice though! xx
    Gyudy @ Gyudy’s Notes Of Beauty

    • It is the first one I have tried so far, so I have no comparison.

  • Caliope Couture

    This polish looks really interesting! I have been wanting to try out the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel range but haven’t gotten round to it yet. And yes, of course I have seen Dune 🙂

    Christina ♥

    • Thank you for not making me feel that old!
      It took me ages to try the range as well, I don’t know why, to be honest. I really need to look into more colors soon.