Sunscreen – All you need to know

There are things out there that have changed a lot ever since I was a kid.

You see, when I was 18, my first ever mobile was about as long as my forearm.

If I wanted to check my eMails I had to manually connect a modem that would then dial with amazing, beeping sounds.

And the average sunscreen sold was coconut scented and had SPF 4.


Sunscreen - All you need to know-2


Yes, things have changed a lot, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Now don’t get me wrong, I do love a good coconut scent. But SPF 4? We have come a long way since then!


And because skincare, prevention and protection are very close to my heart, I sat down and talked to you about everything I have learned about sunscreen.

Which is a lot, so you probably want to get a drink to go with the video.



Products mentioned

  • Lancaster Suncare Beauty Full Light Protection SPF50 (here)
  • Eucerin Mattifying Sun Fluid SPF 50+ (Review here)
  • Bioderma Hydrabio Moisturizing anti-UV mist SPF 30 (here)
  • ISDIN Fusion Water SPF 50+ (here)


So please tell me: Do you apply sunscreen regularly?

And which products are your favorites?


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  • Watched this last night and loved it. So informative! My family in Spain have used that Isdin brand for a long long time and it’s been a favourite. Here I tend to buy La Roche Posay but this reminded me of how good Isdin is so I might buy it when I go to Spain in July.

    Inma x

    • I asked my mother to get me some, but she returned today, so I couldn’t include it „in person“ in the videos. But it is impressive!

  • This is such an informative video, Anne! I am very fair and get sunburn so easily, so sunscreen is my savior. I have a friend who doesn’t use it and thinks that it stops her from tanning which she loves and no matter how many times I tried to explain to her. Sun can be very damaging and I don’t walk anywhere without my sunscreen 🙂

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    • Yes, the tan – responsible for so much damage done. I wish people would understand that tan is the way of the body defending itself against damage that already has happened, and that the damage occurs way before the sunburn makes an appearance…

  • Luckily my phone wasn’t that big, however trying to connect the internet was a big problem. That beeping sound that woke up everyone in the middle of the night wasn’t good. I am trying to start wearing daily spf however I keep forgetting it and when I come back home with red nose and red arms then I regret it a lot. Bioderma spray can be good for a casual day out, at least there’s no worry of makeup messing up.

    Ela BellaWorld

    • It really helps with reapplying, but I am never really sure if I have applied enough. You cant see how much you have sprayed and where it has gone. But better than nothing, I suppose.
      I have incorporated applying SPF as the last step in my morning skincare routine, that way I don’t forget it, And I do leave the house everyday, so it is never wasted.
      Problem is that the damage is already done big time before you even start to get red, sadly sunburn isn’t an early warning sign.

  • Excellent informative video, Anne! I don’t want to even think how many times I got burnt when I was teenager! Do you actually apply this amount of SPF to your face and neck?? I’m never protected enough then, lol! Eucerin Mattifying Fluid is my favourite as well, I’m currently using SPF30 but if I’m on the beach SPF50 is a must. x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    • I would love to say yes, but I don’t think i apply that much everyday. My rule of thumb is I squeeze what I think I need in my palm and then follow again with half of it, to be sure. I should probably measure it out, but it is very messy when you apply it to the back of your hand.
      The difference between 30 and 50 isn’t that big actually, but I always reach for the 50+ out of habit. I don’t think they feel different on my skin, so I just never change them.

  • It has NOT been feeling summery here at all, haha. I still wear my SPF though. Very interesting what you said about the infrared. As for the filters, I used to prefer mineral filters but now I use chemical filters. Ever since Japan my view on SPF has changed so much. They REALLY know how to do sun protection there.

    • Ah yes, the Asian countries in general are way ahead of us when it comes to SPF.

  • This is such a great video! When I’m at home, I’m working just below a window, so I always make sure I wear SPF before I start working, even though I sometimes don’t leave the house during the day! One of the most informative articles I’ve read about SPF was actually a reading comprehension I was doing in English (I wish I could have kept the text!) where they explain that an SPF has to be very thick or layered to be efficient so now, even when I’m using something ultra-light such as the LRP Anthelios XL fluid, I always make sure to put quite a lot on!

    • The amount of product you actually need is surprising, and even then you have areas where you are not well protected, like the hairline or around the ears, simply because we don’t get that close when applying. Using more than you think you´ll need is very important.

  • Super video and tips! I totally agree that sunscreen is very important!

    • Have you always been good about applying it? Have to admit I haven’t, I was pretty careless when I was younger.

  • That was really informative. I am honestly terrible about wearing sunscreen…and I don’t apply it every day. I need to change that!


    • You do. There are many nice ones that can be worn as a primer beneath makeup.

  • Caliope Couture

    Sunscreen is super important indeed. I have made it a habit years ago as I have very light skin.

    Christina |

    • That is so good. I started a few years back as well, but I should have started way earlier.

  • I’ve been wearing sunscreen for probably more than 5 years. Such an important habit to keep our skin healthy for the future.

  • I must admit that I don’t wear sunscreen as often as I should which is really bad. I also live in a really sunny country so the damage will be greater. Need to start applying it everyday and make it a habit!

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

    • Yes, make it a habit. If you don’t do it everyday, you are more likely to forget.

  • Dressed With Soul

    Du hast so recht, es haben sich eine Menge Dinge geändert und ich hatte mein erstes Handy zwar ungefähr zur selben Zeit wie Du, aber ich war da schon wesentlich älter 🙂 Das mit dem Sonnenschutz, das hat sich wirklich ebenfalls massiv gewandelt! Ich trage täglich NIVEA Q10 plus Anti-Falten Tagespflege LSF 30 und bin auch sehr zufrieden damit.

    • Diese Handys mit der Antenne zum Rausziehen… Unglaublich.

      • Dressed With Soul

        Stimmt, da habe ich gar nicht mehr dran gedacht 🙂 Wirklich unglaublich! Wünsche Euch von Herzen eine gute neue Woche. xx

  • Yes, this is definitely a very important product, yet one that’s so easy
    to forget or overlook. Thanks for all the great information!

  • We recently had to change our sunscreen after it failed some tests here and it was discovered to be weaker than it said. Really not ideal with the sun here! I use BB creams with sunscreen in them for my face although SPF25 isn’t the best it’s better than nothing….and I cover up with at least a giant sunhat if i will be in the sun a lot.

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • Physical protection, like umbrellas, hats and the likes are easily overlooked. I love my protective wear when I am out on the boat for scuba diving, much easier than reapplying the sunscreen. I remember when we went to Australia a few years ago that you couldn’t buy any SPF higher than 30+ because they said anything higher would be fans advertising. That is not the same here in Germany, they claim SPF 80 at times.

      • It’s interesting how it can be so different in different countries! Although sadly it was the SPF 30 ones that weren’t living up to their claims so I can assume you’d have a few SPF80 ones in Germany not providing the protection they should.
        We grew up with ’slip, slop, slap‘, haha! Slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen and slap on a hat! There was a tyne too that’s now in my head….Even today I know to take a coverup with me to the beach as sunscreen can only do so much, you’re right.

        • I sadly grew up with no knowledge about sun protection, it only started to get into public knowledge when I was about 16 (?), which is a little late.

  • What a great video, Anne. I try to wear sunscreen every day but there are days when I’m in a hurry and forget to apply some.

    • I was the same way until I incorporated it into my morning skincare regimen, that way I don’t forget about applying it.

  • Great breakdown! I’m more motivated to wear sunscreen daily to prevent skin cancer than aging and in recent years I even use a sun umbrella on really sunny days. The one sunscreen I always go back to is the La Roche Posay Anthelios 60 Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid cause it feels almost weightless and isn’t greasy. I’m interested in trying some Asian sunscreens next.

    • Me too. Asian sun protection is way further than we are, they have invested in their research for years, while we in Europe still tried desperately to tan.

    • Me too. Asian sun protection is way further than we are, they have invested in their research for years, while we in Europe still tried desperately to tan.

  • rakhshanda

    Such a nice, informative video! I wear sunscreen regularly because sun rays can be really harmful in summers. I am currently using Supergoop & Dr.Jart+ sunscreens.

    • I haven tried either brand, but I have heard a lot of great things about them.

    • I haven tried either brand, but I have heard a lot of great things about them.

  • ohhh ich muss gestehen da meine haut nicht empfindlich ist vergesse ich es oft, außer dass ich oft tagescreme mit lichtschutzfaktor hab oder serum 🙂 Aber ich muss echt viel viel mehr benutzen und nicht nur unregelmässig, denn mit der hautalterung hast du absolut recht >__< gut dass ich wenigstens nie einen sonnenbrand kriege 😀

    • Ja das Problem ist ja, dass dieSchäden schon lange vor dem Sonnenbrand entstehen, aber man sie nicht bemerkt. Es gibt kein Warnzeichen, und so ist man immer viel zu lange ungeschützt. Und die Ergebnisse sieht man auch erst Jahre bis Jahrzehnte später.

    • Ja das Problem ist ja, dass dieSchäden schon lange vor dem Sonnenbrand entstehen, aber man sie nicht bemerkt. Es gibt kein Warnzeichen, und so ist man immer viel zu lange ungeschützt. Und die Ergebnisse sieht man auch erst Jahre bis Jahrzehnte später.

  • Rosanna Briguglio

    Thank you for the video and letting us know about the products!
    Have a lovely weekend 🙂
    Rosanna x

  • Great video! I had so many bad sunburns when I was younger. Now I wear sunscreen everyday and make sure it’s in my moisturizer and makeup.

    Doused In Pink

    • Yes, I have gotten better as I grew older as well.When I was younger I was all about the tan. The one I didn’t get because I burnt all the time.

  • I’m terrible at putting it on I’m ashamed to admit and I’m really aware of the risks of s/c as it’s in my family. I just forget about it on a day to day basis and only put it on when it’s sunny. I do however have a breakout problem too with more or less every sunscreen I have ever tried on my face. I really feel that I need to change my habits and this video has really helped. Thanks Anne. Have a great weekend. Gemma x

    • I found that my breakout problem with SPF stopped once I really started to focus on double cleansing in the evenings. It is mostly the residue that leads to breakouts.

      • Oh that’s interesting. That may be my problem as I rarely do a double cleanse! Thanks for the tip x

        • I try to do that whenever I wear SPF or makeup, which is basically every day.

  • Kay (shoesandglitter)

    So excited to finally catch up with your lovely blog, hun! I hope you’re well. <3 Honestly, I'm one of those people that completely sucks at applying sunscreen…. I don't bother with it for the most part, although perhaps I should, living in England we barely see the sun anyways… I did pile it on during my trip to Morocco, though – we had to survive in 40 degree heat, and not a cloud in the sky! It was just a cheap one I bought at the airport, but it did the job, and when it comes to sunscreen – that's all that matters to me. 🙂 <3 x


    • So man people feel like they don’t need sunscreen if the sun isn’t actually there, but even heavy clouds (or it being winter) simply reduces the amount of UV rays by 50%. That isn’t a lot when you have a skins own protection time of ten minutes, because it will only be 20 minutes then. But if we don’t see the sun, we get careless, and as the negative effects only appear years later, we don’t learn.

  • Your mention of the old mobile phone did make me laugh – they have become increasingly smaller, and now returning in the other direction, with screen sizes becoming larger again, haha! Thanks for the information on sunscreen Anne, I’ve become far more diligent on that front over recent years.

    • Haha, yes, they are getting bigger again. But still much slimmer and more elegant. I could have killed someone with my first mobile, it was heavy enough.

  • Ahaha! That was a funny start! Thanks for all the info, I really needed!
    Nazlıgül | on my own way
    Check out my latest vlog: Hello Youtube!

    • I am glad you enjoyed it. Also, I didn’t know you did You Tube, I need to check out your videos.

      • Yes, I’ve just started. Hope you enjoy 🙂

      • Yes, I’ve just started. Hope you enjoy 🙂

  • Toyas Tales

    I need to get better at wearing sunscreen. I always have some but I forget to put it on.

    • I was the same until I incorporated it into my morning routine. Ever since I have been very good.

  • I’ve been better with the sunscreen as of lately. I have a few samples that I’ve been testing out too. Even a few mist types. I’ll have to check into the ones you’ve mentioned. Thanks for the informative video/post!

    • Discovering the mist was a game changer, it made reapplying so easy.

  • Sarah Laird

    Watching this video I was super conscious of the sunburn on my face from just an hour outside on Monday. I’m really hoping I haven’t done too much damage but I know in the future not to underestimate the power of the sun and use sunscreen, even in the UK! x

    Viva Epernay | Vote For Me – Beauty Blogging Awards

    • Yes, we always think we don’t need the SPF if the sun isn’t out, but on the contrary it is as important, because we don’t even feel the warmth and look for cover. But I can relate, living in a country where we get so few sunny days it is really hard to remember SPF above all and not just run out to enjoy the precious minutes.

  • Took me twice to finish this video because we experienced power cut for two days in a row. This is such a detailed and informative video, Anne, I’m glad that you did this. I am naturally tan and almost never get sunburnt so I think my skin takes more. I never used sunscreen back when I was in Malaysia but I do here. I never skip the extra sunscreen before applying makeup but I need to get that Bioderma so I could reapply throughout the day. I seldom use sunscreen for the body though, mainly because I am in the house most of the time and if I’m out, then I am in and out the car and the store really quick. Good to know that UVA rays get through the window so we need t stay protected in the house.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • Power cut? What is the issue?
      I think you have a completely different skin type than I have, being naturally tanned, so your skins own protection is higher than mine. But even without the sunburn, the damage is already done. But I do remember that most Asian countries are very good about physical protection, like wearing hats and basically just staying outside of the sun, is it the same in Malaysia?

  • Those redheads are even worse at the skins own protection time than we blondes are, I feel you. I will check out the brands you have mentioned, I don’t think I have heard about them before.

  • I have light skin that doesn’t tan much but burns VERY easily, so I’ve always been good at putting on sunscreen when I know I’ll be out in the sun, like the beach, the pool… I wasn’t particularly careful about using SPF every day though, until I moved to Southern California. Here I can burn by just walking to the bakery… the sun is so intense, all year round (San Diego is basically at the same latitude as the Sahara desert)! So I use SPF a lot more nowadays, and even then I sometimes burn if I don’t reapply religiously. I recently bought a SPF 50 stick to use on top of my SPF 50 face sunscreen on my nose, upper cheeks and top of shoulders for running, because just one product doesn’t do the trick when I stand up in the sun for over an hour… :/

    I’ve tried a bunch of daily facial sunscreens, but I can’t say I’ve really found something I love. They’re often greasy and look shiny, even the ones that pretend they don’t… I got a really nice, lightweight SPF from Japan that looked so promising, but it’s full of alcohol, so much that it smells suffocating. Still looking for the perfect product!

    • Oh no. I had high hopes for Asian SPF, but if it is loaded with alcohol that would turn me off as well. And I can only imagine what moving to a place like San Diego would do to my skin, I think I am pretty good here in Germany, where the sun rarely gets as intense. I remember how panicky I was when we did our Australia road trip, I would be slathering myself in SPF every waking hour. They did some great, lightweight products over there, I should have written down the brand names.

  • Nadia

    I know I always can rely on you when it comes to really good skin care products & recommendations. The video was incredibly informative and helpful. My skin tans quite quickly, well and even and I almost never get a sunburn. But that’s if we are talking about the beach. It is not very sunny most of the time here in the UK but I have been making sure for the last couple of years to apply SPF underneath my makeup or at least use a foundation with an inbuilt SPF. Better safe than sorry.
    P.S. Oh I remember those beeping-buzzing dial-ups 🙂 Those were the days haha.
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend, Anne.
    xox Nadia

    • The problem is that the sunburn comes very, very late, when a lot of damage has already happened. But as we don’t feel it and don’t see it until years later, we are way too careless. It is a good thing that people have started being more aware of the topic, I know first hand how quickly the amount of young people with skin cancer is increasing.

  • I seem to have missed this video on my YT subscription, I will go back this afternoon and find it! But I just have to say I do not miss the old dial up modem haha.

    • No, me neither. It took ages just to send an eMail!

      • I watched it last night, I don’t comment (can’t actually) comment when I watch YT because majority of the time I watch YT via my apple box on the TV. I wish I could find that bioderma spray in Australia I’ve hunted but can’t so far. It would be perfect to top up mid day.

  • @queenhorsfall
  • My biggest beauty regret is not wearing sunscreen when I was younger. I used to do beauty pageants and remember being 8 years old in a tanning booth. THE HORROR! While I miss the tan skin (fake tan just never looks as good on me) I am 1000% happier without it. I wear it daily now.

    • You did beauty pageants? Now that is an interesting story. Have you ever written about it? And which fake tan do you use? I have just fallen in love with a Clarins one, it looks so natural one my face!

    • You did beauty pageants? Now that is an interesting story. Have you ever written about it? And which fake tan do you use? I have just fallen in love with a Clarins one, it looks so natural one my face!

  • I love this Bioderma sunscreen! It feels so lovely and refreshing on the skin x

  • This video is so SO good! I didn’t know about IR! I still use the Neutrogena sunscreen but I’m still reading up on which one I should try next. I wish the Bioderma spray was easier to get a hold off, it’s perfect for reapplying. Not something I would need everyday but so useful.
    I would defintiely love to see more skincare 101 kind of videos – toners, serums or focused on specific ingredients would be great!

    Advaita | Blush Canvas

    • I already have face masks, scarring and cystic acne on my request list, feel free to add a specific ingredient. The possibilities are endless, so I want to make sure that I cover topics you are interested in.