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Given my day job it is no surprise that I read “The physician” by Noah Gordon years ago. In fact, I have read all three novels around the dynasty of the Coles.

“Shaman”, the second one, is by far my favorite, while “Choices”, last of the three, is a waste of time. In my opinion, anyway, books are as personal as perfumes. Not that I know a thing about perfumes, but I digress.


Odacité BL+C Pimples Serum
Odacité BL+C Pimples Serum


Back to topic, or at least back to the long and windy road to the topic (Odacité Bl+C Pimples serum, in case you were confused).

If you have read “The Physician”, you are familiar with the name Ibn-Sina. If you haven´t, you might have heard about Avicenna, who is the same person just going by a Latin name. He was one of the most admired scholars of his time and wrote the standard reference of medicine, Qānūn at-Tibb.

And in Qānūn at-Tibb he mentioned several uses of Nigella sativa oil, or Black Cumin Oil, one of the three ingredients in Odacité Bl+C Pimples serum. Finally on topic!

He did however mention quite a few other treatments (ranging from disgusting to dangerous) for several diseases, so let´s dig a little deeper and see what happened since then and if the Odacité Bl+C Pimples serum stands its ground in modern days too.

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Taking the day off – my evening skincare routine

While my mornings are all about an efficient, streamlined routine (if you fancy taking a look, click here), in the evenings I really like to take my time. Being a new mum with Mr Loca working crazy hours, this tends to be the me-time I get on an average day and I try to make the most of it.
Not in order of appliance (is that even a word?)
Wearing SPF and make-up on a (almost) daily base, I make sure to give my skin a proper cleanse. No matter how late it is and how tired I am, I just can´t just go to sleep without that. The thought of the days grime clogging my pores, feeding the bacteria and causing wrinkles and zits leaves me so itchy, it makes me get
up at 3 am, after I fell asleep on the couch trying to read and get on with my full on routine.
I just wish, I had that discipline considering exercise.
Or sweets.

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