ahuhu Amino Intensive Repair Shampoo – Comfort scents

Way before my love affair with scented candles began, I loved the beeswax kind you could buy around Christmas.

The warm color they had, the beautiful light and of course the smell of honey once you burned them, everything made me feel cozy and relaxed.

Now that scented candles have taken over, I rarely buy one of them anymore, but I stumbled upon the scent in another product recently, way unexpected.


ahuhu Amino Intensive Repair Shampoo
ahuhu Amino Intensive Repair Shampoo


Ahuhu organic hair cares Amino Intensive Repair Shampoo, promising to deep repair damaged hair, has a beautiful golden color and smells like honey, which means I am in for relaxing showers.

But that shouldn’t be the only benefit from a shampoo, so let´s see if it does anything else.

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New In March 2016 – I have been shopping

I know, I know.

I have told you many times that my collection is overflowing, that I really need to cut back on buying new stuff and that I own more skincare than any sane person probably should.

A sneak peak of the products...
A sneak peak of the products…


But in my defense: I really needed to restock on some things, and I DO have another Empties video just around the corner, so…

Oh well, I just did a little haul-ing. Please click below if you want to see what I got.

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