Winter skincare tips – How to get glowing skin in winter

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After what seems to have been the shortest fall in history, the cold and harsh winds are upon us.

Cold and harsh are of course widely exaggerated if I compare my comfortable home in Heidelberg, Germany to where my brother in law lives, up North in Norway, but it is still cold enough for my skin to need special treatment.


Winter skincare tips
Baby its cold outside … Winter skincare tips


So while I take care of body and soul with cozy knits and hot chocolate (a cup a day keeps the doctor away), I have worked out how to best take care of my skin in winter. And other than my hot chocolate I am willing to share these tips!

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Does blue light from our screens damage our skin?

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I love it when I get questions from you guys. Not only do they help me create content I know you’ll be interested in, but they open my eyes to topics I would probably not even have thought about.

Of course I had heard about blue light affecting our sleep patterns and straining our eyes, but to be honest I never gave it much thought.


Blue light damage skin
Does blue light from our screens damage our skin?


At least not until a question kept popping up here on the blog and on social media: “Do you recommend wearing SPF even if I am indoors to protect me from blue light from my screen?”

As soon as that happened I noticed more and more companies marketing skincare items as “blue light protection”, and if anything can get me into research mood, it is a company claiming skincare benefits and charging extra for them.

So, lets talk about the question “Does blue light from our screens damage our skin?” and, if it does, how can we protect ourselves?

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