Fall Favorites 2017 – Being unique

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Are we ever as unique as we like to think? Most of us, especially those that have any kind of creative outlet online, like to think that their content is fresh and special and easily distinguable from others.

We put “our own twist” on things, have a theme in our pictures and invent fancy names for even fancier blog post series.

And then, one day, we take a step back and realize we are doing what everyone around us does as well. Slightly different, maybe, but not as extraordinary as we would have liked to believe.


Fall Favorites 2017
Fall Favorites 2017


Last time that happened to me was with my Favorite posts. You may remember I started to get bored (struggled to find enough new things) to keep up a monthly series.

I decided to turn it into a “New In and short reviews” kind of video.

Which didn´t satisfy me either.

Finally, what a revelation, I decided to only do them occasionally.

Turns out, quite a few of my favorite blogs went there already, posting whenever they felt like doing it. I am so yesterday…

But you know what? I don´t care. Sometimes you don´t have to be unique, you can take inspiration to find whatever works best for you and happily stick with it, knowing that quite a few people seem to feel the same way.

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July 2016 Favorites

As July is almost over, it is time for another favorites post.

With the upcoming move (it is actually moving day today!) and the incredible heatwave we had, makeup had to be quick and minimal. Not that I am complaining about the heat, not in the slightest. I feel a lot more energetic and happy when the sun is out, even though our current flat with the big window fronts was probably not the best place to be throughout the day.


July 2016 Favorites
July 2016 Favorites


As far as skincare is concerned, I didn´t really try much new things. Most of it was packed away in boxes anyway, and I wanted to finish as many products as possible, to not move half empty containers.

So prepare for minimal makeup, old favorites and a short episode of #grannygonewild at the end. And blooper, of course.

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Astor Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter Collection – Review and swatches

If you are a regular follower around here, you will know that red lipstick have a special place in my heart.

And that I like makeup in stick form.


Astor Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter Collection


So it comes to no surprise that one of my favorite lip products is a red lip crayon by Astor, called Va Va Voum. It is part of the Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter line, and that line recently received a few new additions.

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Astor Perfect Stay Fabulous lipsticks and giveaway

I have said it several times before: Red lipsticks are my weakness, and I really don’t need any more of them.

But lucky for me, no one seems to pay any attention to these claims, least of all myself, so I was very excited when a package with the new Astor lipstick range called „Perfect Stay Fabulous“ arrived at my doorstep.

Astor Perfect Stay Fabulous lipsticks
Astor Perfect Stay Fabulous lipsticks


As you can see in the video, it is a lovely selection of reds with different undertones, and I had a hard time deciding which ones would find a permanent home in my makeup bag.


Now if you want to give them a go yourself, head over to my You Tube channel to see them in action and make sure to enter the giveaway via Rafflecopter widget below.

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Big love – My jumbo lip pencils

It is no secret that I love red lips.
I recently tried to do a roundup for a „Collection“ post on all the reds I owned, but (don’t judge!) there was just no way I could have fit them all on one picture.

So two things happened:
I put myself on a red lip-whatever spending ban.
No exceptions this time.
I will apply a strict „Two out, One in“-rule, even though it will hurt.

L to R: Astor „VaVaVoum“, Revlon „Striking“,  P2 „Burning Red“, Clinique „Mega Melon“

And I decided to split them up and do a separate post for each subcategory: Lipstick, Lipgloss and, today:

Jumbo Lip Pencils.

Swatches left to right: Astor „VaVaVoum“, Revlon „Striking“, P2 „Burning Red“, Clinique „Mega Melon“

1. Astor Soft Sensation Lip Color Butter in „VaVaVoum“
Aptly named, the color goes on creamy and opaque, drawing attention to your lips.
I love how easy it is to apply (can almost be done without a mirror) and how soft it makes my lips feel, but the creaminess comes with a lack of longevity and a tendency to transfer to your mug/glass/husbands cheek.

Astor „VaVaVoum“

In case you wondered why mine looks so strange, Little Bean approved the color by biting a big piece out of it. At first glance I thought she had bit her tongue and was bleeding.
When applied, the color is a warm, deep red with a tendency to make your teeth look yellow.

Astor „VaVaVoom“, Ostsee 2014

2. Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in „Striking“
One of my splurge on Revlon cosmetics back when we visited New Zealand in January this year.
Because you still can´t get Revlon in Germany, you know? Shame!

Revlon „Striking“

Despite being marketed as a matte balm, I can see a subtle sheen when applied. More balm than matte on my lips!
Not drying, but not nourishing either and with a tendency to cling to dry patches, so make sure to moisturize your lips well before you wear it.
It stays put for several hours, doesn’t transfer too much and leaves a pretty stain when fading.
This one is a true red, maybe slightly on the warmer side (can you sense a theme here?) and smells of mint, although I don’t notice any plumping effect or tingling when applied.

Revlon „Striking“

3. P2  True explosion lipstick pencil in „Burning Red“
An impulse buy a few years ago, when we decided spontaneously that I would stay at Mr. Locas over night for the first time and I had no makeup with me. So I said I´d go out and get some candles and quickly grabbed a mascara, some powder and this lip crayon on my way.
Please tell me I am not the only one who would do this?

P2 „Burning Red“

Again a warm red, creamy and not at all drying, but seriously a pain to wear. It never settles, it transfers everywhere and if I drink or touch my face I´ll end up with nothing on my lips, but red streaks on my chin or cheeks.
So why do I still own it? Because I love the color and the subtle sheen it has. And because I love the memories it brings to mind.
So I go through the whole process of blotting, lip pencil and checking the mirror every five minutes just for the sake of wearing it.

P2 „Burning Red“ on my lips

4. Clinique Chubby Stick for lips in „Mega Melon“
This one is a little cheat.
It isn’t a red in the classic way, and it is way sheerer than the ones mentioned above, but I love it and wouldn’t have known where else to fit it, so here it is.

Clinique „Mega Melon“

I grab this one whenever I want a moisturizing, fuzz-free MLBB-color, usually for work. It is worn down to a little stump and I will be very, very sad when it is gone.
No transferring, but no longevity, so I have to reapply every two or three hours. That way my lips stay moisturized, so I don’t mind.
You have seen me wear it before here:

Wearing Clinique „Mega Melon“ on my lips

Do you own any lip crayons?
And is there one makeup product you just keep on buying?