Taking out the trash 16 – Empties February 2018

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When I was filming this video, I was pretty content with myself. Not only did I like the way my hair looked – call me vain, but these things can make or break a day -, but I was satisfied with having yet another batch of products finished to show you.

After starting to make a conscious effort to actually finish products and not let the last bit go to waste while saving it for a special day, I felt like I made really good progress.


February 2018 Empties
Taking out the trash 16 – My February 2018 Empties


Great progress!

Once I finished editing, I turned to reading my favorite blogs. And stumbled upon this blogpost („10 tips – How I finished 300 beauty products in one year„), written by the lovely Sal.

Yes, you read that right. 300 beauty products. THREEHUNDERT. Suddenly my empties list looked really sad in comparison.

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Taking out the trash XIII – My September 2017 Empties

I never publicly declared I was on a spending ban. Oh wait, that isn´t entirely true.

I did in the first year of blogging, when I had gone on maternity leave and that, albeit paid for, was way less than the income I had beforehand. See, before that we lived the life of Double-Income-No-Kids and the amount of money I was able to spend on makeup and skincare was immense.


September 2017 Empties
September 2017 Empties


After approximately a year of not buying much stuff, I realized that my stash was still overflowing. And that I had skincare in my drawers that I had purchased more than a year ago and not even thought about opening. I decided to keep up my “spending ban” a little longer, despite being back to work and having more disposable money.

Fast forward two years and another kid, I still have unopened skincare. And I now have an Excel spreadsheet helping me to keep track of all my supplies. I do divide my skincare in different steps, as you have seen in my routines (morning and evening), and now I know exactly how many I have waiting in line for each and every need. (Not enough serums and way too many AHA products and face oils, if you are curious).

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