Avon mark Big & Extreme Mascara

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Mascara reviews. I haven’t done them in a while. In fact, the last one I did was on IGTV (Anyone remember that platform? It seems only brands upload teasers of their new releases there anymore.)


Avon mark big & extreme mascara
Avon mark big & extreme mascara


Kind of strange, when you think of it, as mascara is the makeup item I use every day and is the one that I replace most frequently. I might not be worried too much about expiration dates in my other face paint, but as a contact lens wearer mascara that has been open too long makes me uneasy – ain´t nobody got time for an eye infection!

If I am honest, the only reason is that I find mascara pictures incredibly hard to take. No matter how long I try, study the angles and admire the pristine pictures on other blogs, my attempts turn out dark, blurry or odd. Time to get practicing, I guess, so I can share more mascara reviews with you in the time to come!

First for 2019? Avon mark Big & Extreme mascara.

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