Beachy, Glowy, Bronzed makeup – Summer Vacation 2017

I don´t know about you, but I always have big plans for my upcoming summer holiday. Read at least three new books, exercise a lot, sleep ten hours a day and take time to experiment with makeup.

Because, let´s face it: The creativity I do develop at 6 am right before work is only directed towards developing the skill to brush my teeth half asleep without falling over. Adventurous and exotic makeup looks do take the back seat.


Beachy, Glowy, Bronzed makeup
Beachy, Glowy, Bronzed makeup


But, truth be told, despite packing half a suitcase full of products I don´t really spend much time on my makeup anyway. I prefer to invest my free time into people watching from a café while eating a croissant. Or two.

And in an attempt to pack streamlined (I will have a video up on what I bring so you can have a good laugh. Streamlined, ha!) I sat down and decided beforehand which look I wanted to give a go this time.

Beachy, glowy, bronzed. Out of my matte base comfort zone. But hey, it is a beach holiday after all!

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