How to build a basic skincare routine

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It is no secret that I love testing new skincare, and while I am not invested in the famous 10 step Korean regimen, I admit that there are nights that I am not far from using that amount of products.

It is no secret either that I am not a fan of clutter and wastage, and you don´t have to be a genius to see that this combination can easily lead to trouble. I mean, I do only have that one face, and if I keep purchasing new stuff I will eventually drown in a pile of half empty bottles.


How to build a basic skincare routine
How to build a basic skincare routine – The 4 steps everyone needs


Even worse: When doing my 2018 Beauty favorites (see here) I realized that even if I really fall for a product, I usually don’t repurchase.

Why? Because there are always three others lined up that need to be finished first, and by the time I have gone through all of them, I most likely forgot about the one that rocked my world.

So with 2019 still fresh and new, I set myself a goal: I would build a basic skin care routine out of my favorite products, one that consist of as little steps as possible, but still has everything my aging, acne prone skin needs.

So today, dear friend, we will talk basics. The four steps that your skincare routine should include no matter your age or skin type. The basis on which we will build your best routine ever!


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