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Best of Beauty 2018 – My skincare and makeup favorites

This blog post contains PR-Samples and affiliate links. Please read disclaimer. When I wrote my post on „How to accept failure“, I got a ton of lovely comments telling me to focus on all the things I had achieved in 2018 instead of dwelling on what hadn´t worked as planned.     Great advice indeed, so let´s put things into perspective and see what amazing new beauty items I discovered in 2018 because of blogging. I mean, would I really slather so much stuff on my face, constantly switching to…

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Best of Beauty 2017 – My makeup and skincare favorites

This post contains PR-samples and affiliate links. Please see disclaimer. I am not one to dwell in the past. Yes, the things that happen to us do shape and affect us, no denying that. But I do believe that it is my choice what defines me. On some occasions though, I immerse myself in times (long) gone, relive sensual experiences in my mind, remember scents, textures, pleasure…     Wait, that sounds like I am referring to a kinky paperback with a castle and someone in a ripped dress on the front.…

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