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Flora Mare Skin Energizer – Fleur de Sel

This blog post contains PR-samples and affiliate links. Please read disclaimer. Ah, France! The land of fromage, vin rouge and apparently best projection screen for skincare fantasies. Don´t you agree? French skincare is as much a myth as French food, and while I am a fan of both (a cheese plate is life!), I´d advise you to take the things said about them with a grain of salt. Probably a grain of Fleur de Sel de Camargue, to stay on topic.     So what if I tell you that…

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Peptides – Everything you need to know

“And it contains peptides!” – “Aaaahhh… What?” Have you ever felt that way when someone tried to sell you a skincare product? I know I have. Peptides have been around for a few years, they are the “thing to have” in your routine, yet there is a lot of insecurity about what they actually do.     Or if they even do anything. And that is okay, because the jury is still out on that. And the fact that there are over 100 peptides doing different things doesn´t really help…

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