THE INKEY LIST Vitamin C Serum – More and more

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Bigger is better – I am old enough to remember those slogans.

Back when I was young (CENTURIES ago, people!), minimalism wasn´t really a thing. You had to always have more. The newest, the latest, the biggest.


THE INKEY LIST Vitamin C Serum


It didn´t matter if you did need it. Or even use it, for that matter. You just needed to HAVE it. And while minimalism (and low-buys) seem to be everywhere these days, I feel like some of that more is more mentality is still around.

Take skincare ingredients for example – some seem to think that the higher the percentage of “active ingredient”, the better the product, not taking into account that your skin can actually only absorb a certain amount, and once that amount is reached, the rest goes to waste.

The effect is called bioavailability, and for Vitamin C it seems to be somewhere around 20 – 25%.

Which means that a formula containing 30% Vitamin C, like THE INKEY LIST Vitamin C Serum, essentially contains more than you can use.

Is this a bad thing? Not necessarily. But the higher the percentage, the higher the risk for irritation – so let´s take a closer look at THE INKEY LIST Vitamin C Serum.

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