Thoughts on being a 30+ blogger

There are age categories for everything, and usually I don’t pay them much attention.

My skincare for example ranges from products aimed at teenage skin to an ampoule targeted at skin 60+ (here is the latest routine).


Thoughts on being a 30+ blogger
Flora Mare Deauville Lumiere Eau de Parfum


Age is a number and a privilege and doesn’t define us. Or does it?

A few days ago my fellow “mature” blogger Toni from Sheer Gloss and I chatted on Twitter about blogging after you reach a certain age.

Which sounds awful. Mature, certain age… I am still the one giggling at immature jokes and dancing in the kitchen at 2 am to my favorite song, I don’t spend my days knitting in a rocking chair quite yet.

But maybe I look like I do, as opposed to someone that just hit their early 20s. Which is why people in their early 20s tend to relate more to someone their age.

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