Body Neutrality – a new way?

I can´t even begin to tell you how many times I wrote and deleted this blog post. Or how long it took me to even write the first paragraph.

The reason? This picture.


Body Neutrality
On the right my amazing Tribal Fusion teacher Tricia Pash Tribal Fusion Dance


I wanted to write about my dance class, about Tribal Fusion (the limited knowledge I have of it at least), about happy things.

But whenever I looked at the picture above, all I could see was my belly.

And it isn´t just a bad angle. This is how my belly looks right now, and my kids are not to blame.

I was very lucky in both pregnancies, I didn´t get any stretch marks nor Diastasis Recti, and a few months ago my stomach area, though not a six pack, was a lot less flabby.

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Stretch mark prevention – You are a tiger!

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You are a tiger, you earned your stripes! is a quote every mom-to-be read or heard at least once during her pregnancy.
Because as your body starts changing, you inevitably face the question: Will I ever look like I did before? This question may have a different impact on every one of us, as we all give varying significance to the reflection in the mirror, but I am not going to lie:
For me, it was quite an important subject.


Stretch Mark prevention
Stretch Mark prevention


Don’t get me wrong: I would have gladly accepted any change to my body to become the mother of my beautiful daughter, and I always knew that growing a human being would not come without a price.
Boobs never as perky as they used to be, weight gain and the struggle to loose it again, temporary hair loss and the joy of being puked on whenever you would were anything else than sweatpants.

I was prepared.

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