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Body Neutrality – a new way?

I can´t even begin to tell you how many times I wrote and deleted this blog post. Or how long it took me to even write the first paragraph. The reason? This picture.     I wanted to write about my dance class, about Tribal Fusion (the limited knowledge I have of it at least), about happy things. But whenever I looked at the picture above, all I could see was my belly. And it isn´t just a bad angle. This is how my belly looks right now, and my kids are…

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Stretch mark prevention – You are a tiger!

This blog post uses affiliate links, please read disclaimer You are a tiger, you earned your stripes! is a quote every mom-to-be read or heard at least once during her pregnancy. Because as your body starts changing, you inevitably face the question: Will I ever look like I did before? This question may have a different impact on every one of us, as we all give varying significance to the reflection in the mirror, but I am not going to lie: For me, it was quite an important subject.  …

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