Cosmeceutical products – Do you need them?

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I admit I have a weakness for sciencey stuff. And by sciencey stuff I don’t mean “real science” (whatever that may be), but things like cosmeceutical products. (I even wrote about that before)

Now before you come at me, I am not telling you that there is a valid reason to my fascination.

I indeed intend this blog post to be a confession, which pretty much gives away that there is NO sensible explanation to the habit of paying extra for things that say cosmeceutical (or doctors brand) on the packaging.


What are cosmeceutical products
Cosmeceutical products – What are they?


Because while it helps that they usually come in sleek, clean and functional packaging, I am not going to pretend that it is for any other motivation than the fact that deep down in my heart I want to believe they offer more than your average skin care product.

I mean, surely there must be something special about them?

Let’s explore the term “cosmeceutical products” a little, shall we?

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Double Cleansing – Is it good for you?

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Talking about skincare online is tricky. On the one hand it is amazing to find likeminded people that share your passion, on the other hand things can leave the “passionate” level pretty quickly and turn into an online war if specific topics are brought to the table. And one of the topics is Double Cleansing.


So is Double Cleansing actually a good idea?
So is Double Cleansing actually a good idea?


Something like a simple Skincare Routine post on your Instagram feed, bottles carefully decorated in a way that is aesthetically pleasing (and at least in my case bears no resemblance with how they actually look on my sink) suddenly turns into a battleground where you are forced to pick a side.

Are you for Double Cleansing or against it? Pick your weapons and ride to battle!

You could of course replace Double Cleansing with “fragrance in skincare”, “daily sunscreen” or “alcohol/silicones/parabens” and get a similar effect, which underlines my case: We fight for a truth here that, in most cases, doesn´t even exist.

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