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If you have been around for some time, you know that “detox” is a word that drives me nuts. That goes a little against zeitgeist, I know, but is funded in my medical training and general skepticism.

See, your body has numerous ways of getting rid of toxins, and unless you have a medical condition, your liver and kidneys do all the detoxification you need.

It is sensible though to stop putting potentially harmful stuff into and onto your body, and the experience that you feel better when you stop eating a lot of bad stuff has led to the development of special diets.


Droste-Laux She.Tox Alkaline Facial Cleanser
Droste-Laux She.Tox Alkaline Facial Cleanser


One of them is the alkaline diet, which is part of alternative medicine since approximately 1913, and the main claim is that our food contains too many acids, making us sick. As a solution, alkaline foods are promoted as well as alkaline powder as supplement.

To be crystal clear here: Yes, we do eat too much sugar and animal products, and yes, when we focus on leafy greens and complex carbs instead it is way healthier. But that has, as far as scientific proof goes, nothing to do with acidosis in our bloodstream. Acidosis is a severe illness that needs in hospital treatmeant, not a supplement!

So you can imagine that I was more than skeptical when a PR package filled with Droste-Laux She.Tox products arrived at my doorstep, as this specific line is focused on alkalinisation of the body and strengthening your inner light.

But I decided to leave skepticism aside and give the Droste-Laux She.Tox Alkaline Facial Cleanser * a fair chance.


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