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Asambeauty Vitamin E Skin Smoothing Serum

This blogpost contains PR-samples and affiliate links. Please read disclaimer. Starting January, I took part in my very first Instagram challenge, the #abnewyearstashchallenge. Purpose of the challenge was to round up everything from a skincare category, both open and unopened, to share short reviews and, of course, take toll of how much product was actually hidden in those dusty drawers of yours. Safe to say, I learned a lot about myself (“Hi, my Name is Anne and I have too many acids“) and about other peoples skincare routines.    …

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Winter Evening Skincare Routine 2017 – Atmospheric inversion

This blog post contains *PR-Samples and affiliate links. Please see disclaimer.   Are you ready to go on a meteorological tangent with me? I promise, it will tie in with todays video! Have you ever heard the term atmospheric inversion? It is a kind of weather very common in winter, when the layers of air closest to the ground are much colder than the ones higher up. If winter is cold where you live, chances are you’ll experience atmospheric inversion for the first half of the colder months.    …

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