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Upper Fixer – Old house renovation

The term “upper fixer” was something I first heard about on You Tube. In Germany, we call houses like that “renovierungsbedürftig” and for my whole adult life I was determined to NEVER buy one. Well, I did.     Maybe not in the exact meaning of the term, which is, just in case you are as clueless as I was: “A place that needs a lot of work and/or a lot of money to become habitable.” But still close enough. You might know already that we bought a house in December 2015.…

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Deep Conditioning – My recipe of choice

As I told you on Tuesday in my last blogpost, my hair lacks moisture. My ends are dry, I get a lot of frizz and the cold wind and heating don’t really help in improving that. Deep Conditioning has been my method of choice, and while it looks absolutely ridiculous to walk around the flat having your head covered in oil (and other stuff), wearing a shower cap and probably even a woolen hat, it really helped me throughout the last months.   The things we do for beauty, hm?…

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Cleanse your hair – DIY

I know the use of silicones in hair care is controversial. I went through a phase of strictly using none, but am back on the silicone train quite some time now, just because they leave my hair feeling soft and de-frizzed and looking a whole lot better. I know that silicones don´t actually do anything beneficial for your hair, they just prevent you from seeing all the damage that is there. But in my case it was hide the damage or chop it all off, so I went for the silicone veil. If you stick to high end…

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