Qlabo Eauphoria – Sugar of life

Have you ever been to the desert? And maybe wondered after a few hours spend in the dry heat how on earth anything could thrive here?

I happened to come across plants after a rare shower in the Israeli desert a few years back that looked way better than the ones at home on my window sill. To be honest, almost any plant looks better than mine at home do, as I am notoriously neglecting them, but for the dramatic effect let´s ignore that fact.


Qlabo Eauphoria
Qlabo Eauphoria


Back then I learned that these plants secret is Trehalose, the “sugar of life”. It forms a gel inside cells when they are dehydrated that keeps the cellular structure intact until rehydration is possible. Not only in desert plants, but possibly in human skin cells as well, minimizing the lethal effect dehydration and rehydration has on them. Which, translated, means less dry and flaky skin.

But even without that background information a product containing “sugar of life” would have had my undivided attention. I mean, sugar, hallo? Meet Qlabo Eauphoria *, named after the French “eau”, which means water, and euphoria.

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