Pixi Rose Ceramide Cream Review – on mature skin

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The pixi skintreats Rose Ceramide Cream is the one I almost missed.

And yes, “The one I almost missed” is a long standing skincare term, same as “The one that got away.” Only less life-changing, less heartbreaking and, usually, less romantic.

Although you could probably argue with the latter, at least in this case: Pink packaging, roses, it ticks all the romance boxes.


pixi Rose Ceramide Cream Review
pixi Rose Ceramide Cream


Still, I was not interested. “Ultra-rich cream suitable for normal to dry skin”, these are words that I do definitely NOT look for in my products.

What can I say, winter had come, my skin was feeling rough and I thought: “Why not! Just use it, what could possibly go wrong?”

A ton of things, obviously, this is the kind of skincare approach that usually gets me into trouble, but what can I say? I can´t help it.

In this case though, things worked out fine, so let´s review the pixi Rose Ceramide Cream.

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Silicones in skincare – the facts

Is there an ingredient in skincare that receives more hate than silicones? Probably. SLS, just to name one. Or fragrance, like I recently discovered (here).

But for the sake of style, let´s just asssume that the answer is: No!


Silicones in skincare - The facts
Silicones in skincare – The facts


And then focus on the fact whether or not the hate that seems to run so deep in the beauty community is actually scientifically backed up.

I mean, you are probably already guessing it by reading this introduction, but let´s approach the discussion with an open mind and see what I have found.

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Emollients vs. Occlusives – Everything you need to know

I once heard about someone that always read the last chapter of a book first. Reason behind that? She wanted to make sure she’d know the end, even if something happened to her before she could finish reading.


Emollients vs. Occlusives
Emollients vs. Occlusives


I don´t do that. I read my books from start to finish, maybe skimming over some parts here and there, but following the story as it was written.

And as this is the third in a series of blog posts, I highly suggest you catch up with “Do you really need a moisturizer? The difference between dry and dehydrated skin” and “Humectants – Everything you need to know” first. Not that there are any spoilers in here, but it will make it easier to understand.

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Do you really need a moisturizer? The difference between dry and dehydrated skin

I admit, the question above is not one to be easily answered. So if you came here after a quick google search hoping for either a yes or a no, you will leave disappointed.

But most people that come here for a “yes or no” answer will leave disappointed, as I don’t believe in quick fixes, but in providing the facts you need to answer your questions yourself. Can you tell I have little kids and a teacher as mom?


Skincare Knowledge Dry vs Dehydrated
Do you really need a moisturizer?


Seriously though, there are many reasons why this question has no answer. The most important one: Because “day cream”, “moisturizer” or “night cream” are above all marketing and not necessarily able to tell you what is actually inside the product.

It is the inside that counts though, in this case the humectants, emollients and occlusives, and the question what out of these three your skin needs to be its best.

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