essence longlasting lipliner – What the heart wants

The heart wants, what it wants.

How often have you heard this saying? I have heard it a lot throughout the years, and increasingly more often to justify an obsession with luxury brands.

And while I agree that you sometimes really have to follow your heart…


essence longlasting lip liner
essence longlasting lip liner


Wait. This somehow sounds like a Valentines Day post. I swear, this is not intentional, I don’t even DO Valentines Day! I guess the abundance of pink hearts must have fogged my brain.

Back on track: There are occasions where following your heart is the only option. But I firmly believe in using my brain, especially when money is involved.

Which is why I get much more excited about drugstore discoveries these days. The latest one I have been meaning to share? essence longlasting lipliner, available in a multitude of colors.

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