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Growing up and getting faster – the nail polish issue

To me, there is nothing that says: “I am a sophisticated grown up woman that knows how to handle her life” quite like perfectly done nails in a dark color. Sadly this is a goal I haven’t met yet. At first, I was intimidated by the dark colors. They were so noticeable, looked like you had actually painted your nails! Quite unlike the sheer pinks or barely there glitters you get as a freebie when buying Wendy. I case you wondered, Wendy is a magazine about horses, aimed at twelve…

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Products I regret buying – Part 1

This blogpost contains affiliate links. Please read disclaimer. When you constantly buy new products for testing (*cough*) reasons, inevitable you will find some that just won’t work for you. And as much as I like to write reviews urging you to run out and buy stuff, I figured it could be of some use to tell you what I already wasted money on to save yours. Todays edition features a drugstore eyebrow pencil, a concealer/eye cream hybrid, some skincare and a lash growth serum. A short disclaimer first: I by…

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