September Empties – Taking out the trash 18

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I promise this is the last time you need to sit with me through sound issues.

See, in an attempt to be the most efficient I could be I bulk filmed a few videos. It was only when I got down to editing, quite some time later, that I realized the sound was completely messed up.


September Empties
Take a look at my trash bin


In all four videos. And as per usual I was so late with editing, I simply couldn’t refilm them! Or, in case of this September  Empties video, I had thrown out all the stuff already.

Ah, now you know my dirty secret: I actually filmed my September Empties back in July! What can I say, I need content like that for when I am too busy holidaying in France (and probably shopping for skincare) to create something new.

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Taking out the trash 17 – May Empties

This blog post contains PR-Samples and affiliate links. Please see disclaimer.

One in, two out, that was the rule I once tried to establish. And while I think I did pretty good in terms of skincare… No, seriously! I realized I didn’t have any cleansers in my back up drawers just the other day, something that I considered impossible a year ago.


May 2018 Empties
May 2018 Empties


So while I think I did pretty good in terms of skincare, I still can´t seem to go through my makeup. I throw out the odd thing here and there, but even with a conscious effort to wear all my lipsticks and decide which ones to keep and which ones to give away, I haven’t managed to slim down my collection.

And if I look at the ratio of New In Beauty vs Empties videos I post, I feel like I am doomed to drown in beauty products.

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June 2016 Favorites

Another month, another favorites post. Ain´t that how it goes? I will tell you what was not my favorite this month in the post here:

The weather!


June 2016 Favorites


You see, it was raining pretty much all June, and with June 21th coming along, I knew the days were going to get shorter. Now I am all about those long, warm and light summer evenings spend outdoors with friends and a cold drink, and if that didn´t happen before the nights are getting longer again, I feel cheated.

But enough moaning about the weather, it is time for the things I enjoyed!

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Taking out the trash IV – April 2016 Empties

Again I have been collecting my empty skincare containers and the few bits of makeup that are actually not going to be used anymore and threw all in for a video.

Taking out the trash
Taking out the trash


Go get yourself a cup of tea, as it is a long one, but you will be rewarded with mini-reviews and a whole lot of dirty packaging.

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Now if that doesn’t tempt you…

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Inspired by… Chanel Rouge Noir Absolument 2015

If you are not familiar with the “Inspired by…” series, click here for an explanation.
But short story even shorter, each month I choose a seasonal ad and try to recreate the models look with colors I already own.
Dressing up and awkward posing included!

Chanel Rouge Noir Absolument 2015 Collection


This time the Chanel Rouge Noir Absolument 2015 ad had tickled my fancy. Such a pretty and glamorous makeup!
The purple shadow, the glossy lip, the dark nails and the perfect matte skin. I can totally see me wearing this to a New Years Eve party, sipping champagne while ringing in next year in style!

But without a makeup artists help, would I even come close?
Let´s see! Read more


In my belly and on my nails – Watermelon, partly by Essie

Just as strawberries are my go-to fruit in spring (read here how to enjoy the flavor all year round), my indulgence over the summer months are watermelons.

Essie Watermelon


Sweet, fresh and basically zero calories, I could eat my bodyweight in glorious red fruit any day, and may or may not have finished six kilogram in one day all by myself before.
Make sure you stay close to a restroom if you decide to follow my lead here, just saying…
So when I discovered Essies “Watermelon” this summer, I knew it had to be mine.
Read on for my experience with the polish and a quick recipe.

Now no need to hurry to get it, it is a permanent shade, but one I feel shouldn’t be missing in your collection come summer.
“Flirty and chic. Make a fashion hit in deliciously refreshing juicy red polish. This beautiful, sweet, ripe color is always in season.”
This is how Essie describes it, and to be honest, I would have thought of a totally different color when I read this description.
Well maybe, although I think it is a very pink red. A raspberry red, most likely.
I would say fierce.
Always in season?
I wear it throughout summer, mostly on my toes. During the other seasons… not so much.

Essie Watermelon on my nail, one swipe, no topcoat


But other than the incorrect description, I have no complaints. Nice wide brush, easy to apply, I like it.
On me it is opaque in one swipe (but I prefer to do two layers with any polish) and lasts for around three days without chipping (quite good on my chip-prone nails).
It retails for 7,95 € in your local drugstore or on Amazon.Now as far as watermelon the vegetable goes: I eat it happily just like it is, but I understand some people might like a little more variation.
So if you are looking for a twist, try one of these.

1. Watermelon salad with feta cheese:
Cut up a watermelon, crumble some feta cheese, add some fresh mint leaves and drizzle balsamic vinegar on top. Mix and enjoy!

Watermelon salad with feta

2. Watermelon Shake:
This is one my husband will greet me with after a long days work. Refreshing and tasty, as well as easy to make:
Cut up watermelon, add crushed ice and two table spoons of greek yoghurt and put everything in your blender.
I feel like you don’t need any additional sugar, but of course you can add sugar, honey or agave nectar.
Or a cheeky shot alcohol of your choice. Totally up to you.

Watermelon shake, courtesy of Mr. Loca (made with yellow watermelons this time)

Now tell me:
Do you own this or a similar shade?
And how do you like your watermelon best?




Growing up and getting faster – the nail polish issue

To me, there is nothing that says: “I am a sophisticated grown up woman that knows how to handle her life” quite like perfectly done nails in a dark color.

Sadly this is a goal I haven’t met yet.

At first, I was intimidated by the dark colors.
They were so noticeable, looked like you had actually painted your nails! Quite unlike the sheer pinks or barely there glitters you get as a freebie when buying Wendy.
I case you wondered, Wendy is a magazine about horses, aimed at twelve year old girls. I think it is Germany only, but I reckon there are similar magazines everywhere on this planet.

Then, when I finally overcame my fear of looking like I had put makeup on, the “perfectly done” part was the deal breaker.

As I mentioned before, I am not the most patient girl, and there is always something left to do.
So waiting for the polish to dry is a punishment, leading to chipping and smudging because I just couldn’t wait five more minutes.

Essence nail art express dry drops

But there is hope, brought to me by essence Instant Dry Drops.
Dark months, dark lips, dark nails, this is how I felt for those past few months.
And even if I am not quite sure whether I would call myself a “sophisticated grown up women that knows how to handle her life” quite yet, I may have looked like one.

The nail polishes that helped me achieve this look were:

1. Essie “Sole Mate”
A deep rich plum with a cream finish. Retails for 7,95 € here.
Essie nail polishes last around five days without chipping on me, and this one is no exception. For reference, other nail polish chips after two days, so five days is good!
Opaque in two coats.

Essie Sole Mate

2. Essie “For the twill of it”
A green/purple duo chrome with a metallic finish. It was part of the 2013 fall collection, but you can still get it at 9,24 € here.
The longevity is again five days and it is opaque in one coat, although I prefer two.

Essie For the twill of it

3. P2 “Rich & Royal”
This is the first nail polish I bought after I started to get into reading beauty blogs, and it will forever hold a special place in my heart.
It is a taupe-grey with a little hint of violet and a dupe for Chanels Particulière. Wearing a nail polish that could have been Chanel made me feel uber-stylish.
Opaque in one coat and with a great longevity.
Much to my dismay you can’t get hold of it anymore, so I dread the day I will run out of it.
Mr. Loca, seldom commenting on anything beauty or makeup related, calls that color the “Hit your thumb with a hammer”-polish…

P2 Rich and Royal

And to ease my impatient soul, I recently introduced the “Nail Art Express Dry Drops” by essence into my routine.
They claim to dry your nails within 60 seconds while nourishing nail and cuticle with Vitamin E and almond oil.
Although I am not a big fan of the oily part (I have to get up and wash my hands, as it feels that greasy), my nails are dry in an instant.
Retailing at 1,99 € here, they are a bargain.

What are your polish picks for the season?
And your secrets to keeping your polish put and shiny?


Rainbow nails – My polish picks for summer

Think sun, beach, sandals.
Think bronzed skin, denim shorts, a white tank and a pop of color on your nails.

While sun, beach or even just temperatures above 20 °C seem to escape me this year, colorful nail polish is my constant companion.
Maybe just to remind me that, after all, it still IS summer, technically, even though I felt the need to switch on the heating a few days ago.

These were my most-worn shades so far:

Pretty rainbow of color.

On my pinkie I am wearing Allesandro Nail Polish in “Golden Opportunity”, a muted neon orange with a creme finish.

On my ring finger is a newer addition to my stash, Essie Nail Lacquer in “too taboo”, part of the neon collection Essie launched earlier this year, a lovely bright fuchsia. Even though it is said to be a creme finish, it dries semi-matte on me. Also, unlike other Essie polishes I own, it chips really easily.

On my middle finger is MNY Maybelline Nail Polish in 753, a golden green with a shimmer finish, but without glitter. I bought it ages ago, but it is still available here. Just be warned, it takes at least three layers to be opaque.

My index finger is painted with Rimmel 60 seconds in “Green with envy”, although I would call it a blueish turquoise. This nail polish has a shimmer finish, but again no glitter. My ocean-color.

On my thumb I am wearing another recent addition, Essie Nail Lacquer in “turquoise & caicos”, which, short excurse in geography, are tropical islands in the Lucayan Archipelago, belonging to the British Overseas Territory. Inspired by tropical waters, it is described a “flirty aqua”. I can´t judge the flirty part, but it is quite a green version of aqua. It is the least neon of the above, so maybe the most work-appropriate.


 Essie Ridge Filling Base Coat underneath and two coats of every color. No Top Coat.

And yes, I actually left the house like this.

What are your top picks this summer? Team neon or staying neutral all year long?


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