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My evening skincare routine – Summer 2017

There was a time in my past that I partied so hard that all I could manage to do before bed was take off my shoes. There was a time when I actually thought that eye makeup I had slept in looked even more appealing. There was a time when I used face wipes for cleansing.     But I am old, and that is both my excuse and my advantage. My excuse because it was hard to know better back then. There was no You Tube to guide me!…

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Taking the day off – my evening skincare routine

While my mornings are all about an efficient, streamlined routine (if you fancy taking a look, click here), in the evenings I really like to take my time. Being a new mum with Mr Loca working crazy hours, this tends to be the me-time I get on an average day and I try to make the most of it. Not in order of appliance (is that even a word?) Wearing SPF and make-up on a (almost) daily base, I make sure to give my skin a proper cleanse. No matter how late it is and how…

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