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Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance – 100 years too late

This blog post uses affiliate links. Please see disclaimer. Out of all the more cultural parts of our life, the only one where I feel truly at home at is literature. Ever since I can remember I was reading, lots and lots, and even though it isn´t nearly as much as it used to be, I consider myself a well-read person. The others, like music and art, are things I enjoy, but don´t really know much about. So when I received the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette in a…

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My everyday makeup routine – Spring 2017

In my very early makeup days, colorful eyeliner dragged out to an exaggerated wing was the only look I would ever leave the house with. The colors were bright blue, turquoise or green, all colors I had seen my mother wear. To be fair, she never tried to pull off an Egyptian inspired wing in turquoise and repeatedly tried to talk me out of doing it on my eyes.     Of course I knew better and didn´t listen, and I am forever grateful that no one in my family…

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