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My quick and easy No Makeup Makeup Look

I wear makeup most days. Even if I am staying at home, I grab a few bits to make me look more put together. Quite frankly, it is not only about the looks. It is more because I have so much stuff that I really want to use, yet just one face and so little time in the mornings.     Spending a day without any makeup would be a lost day in terms of playing with products! There are days though that I just want to look awake, healthy…

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Everyday Spring Makeup tutorial – Peachy, pink and bronze

This blog post contains PR-Samples and affiliate links. Please see disclaimer. One of the many reasons I don’t celebrate Valentine´s Day is that it is just a week after my birthday. And, to put it nicely, I am not always easy to please. Not that I demand a lot of presents or look at the money spend on me, but I do expect a gift to be carefully chosen and to come with a story that explains why this, and only this, was the thing my better half picked up…

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Quick makeup for mothers

I often get asked why I wear make-up on a daily base. After all, I spend most of my days at home, looking after the Little Bean and typing away on my laptop. So apart from the postman stopping by, who should care? Well, it is simple. I do. Putting on make-up gets me started, the same way a quick shower and brushing my teeth does. I feel put together, ready to conquer the day, ready to get something done. Of course, I by no means put on a full…

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