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Doctor Duve Glowskin Glycolic Rich Cleanser

This post contains PR-samples and affiliate links. Please see disclaimer. Given that I am a full time working mother of two, my mornings are usually pretty relaxed. And I am well aware that a morning skincare routine like mine (read here if you are curious), though already streamlined, is not possible for someone with little to no help. In case you didn´t know, we live in a shared house with my parents, as one big family, and as my parents take the kids to daycare after breakfast, I can get…

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pixi Glow Tonic – Crowd pleaser

One of the important things you learn when you get older is: You can´t please everyone. And, more important, you should stop trying. I admit it is not the easiest lesson learned, and sometimes the question: But why don´t they like me? still pops up in my head, but I have learned to be realistic about my expectations. So if we learn to apply that to our personal life, why do we expect different from our skin care? Why do we buy a hyped product and expect to love it…

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Alpha-H Micro Cleanse – Old habits die hard

I really try to eat healthy. Not only during pregnancy, but all year round. And while I don’t struggle too much with getting my greens in and snacking on fruit and nuts, I do have a sweet tooth. A big sweet tooth. To be honest, it is out of control. The best way to keep it under control? I just don’t buy the stuff. Because if I do, I will end up eating every last bit of it, going back to the sweets drawer numerous times a day purely out…

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