Doctor Duve Glowskin Daily Resurfacing Pads – Sudden insights


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When writing this review, I had a sudden insight. One that proves (once again) that the ones we lie to the most are we ourselves. One that has as much impact as the sudden thought: “I am older now than my mother was when she had me!”

Startled much? Don´t worry, it wears off. I am ten years older than my mother was when she gave birth to me.


Doctor Duve Glowskin Daily Resurfacing Pads
Doctor Duve Glowskin Daily Resurfacing Pads


You see, when I review a product, I have a checklist. It contains of course ingredients, texture, price and all that, but for me “convenience for traveling” has always been a huge point.

And while I was ticking off boxes (mentally, I tend to do these things on my bike or in the shower) regarding the Doctor Duve Glowskin Daily Resurfacing Pads (*PR-Sample), it occurred to me that *drumroll*: I don´t really travel anymore.

At least not in the flexible, backpacking way I used to.

And that for that reason it really doesn´t matter if a product comes in presoaked pads or in a glass bottle.

Because, let´s face it, it spends the majority of its time sitting in my bathroom drawer anyway.

So, packaging aside, how did I like the Doctor Duve Glowskin Daily Resurfacing Pads (*PR-Sample)?

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Cellucur cosmeceuticals – Moth to the flame

We all have a certain key stimulus. A word, or maybe a scent, that stimulates all our senses, makes us awake, alert and feeling alive.

Now I have to disappoint anyone that was expecting a juicy story. My key stimulus, at least in blogging terms, is the word cosmeceuticals. Come on, tell me you understand! A fusion between cosmetics (yay!) and pharmaceuticals, which has the ring of scientifically backed skincare claims and measurable results! What is not to love?


Cellucur cosmeceuticals
Cellucur cosmeceuticals


So when I read the news that Reviderm launched a new line featuring AHAs and BHAs and called cosmeceuticals, I was immediately drawn in and reached out to the company, who kindly agreed to send over some things for testing.

So if you, like me, are drawn like a moth to the flame by science based skincare, read on to see how I liked them.

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Exfoliation – Why, when and with what

It is no secret that skin care is my passion. That is probably due to the fact that I am a physician and I love the scientific aspect, but I guess being 37 and always having had problematic skin is a big reason as well.

I believe that no makeup will look good as long as the skin beneath it is neglected, and even though I am not afraid to age (the only way out of it is dying young, you know), I want my skin to look its best at all stages of my life.

Exfoliation 101
Exfoliation 101


Whenever I talk about exfoliation, chemical exfoliation in particular, I get a ton of questions and am asked for recommendations. So I figured it would be best if I sat down and filmed a video, hoping to answer as many questions as possible.

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