Wearable Makeup Trends 2019 – Graphic Colored Eyeliner

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I am the first one to put up my hand and admit that the previous video in the series „Wearable Makeup Trends 2019“ was far from being an actual challenge.  Soft eyes, red lips – I wear that any given day, no matter if it is on trend or not.

So for today’s look, I figured I´d venture out of my comfort zone. VERY FAR out of my comfort zone in fact.


Wearable Makeup Trends 2019 - Colored Eyeliner in green
Wearable Makeup Trends 2019 – Green Graphic Liner


I used color. Green color.

Apparently green is going to be absolutely on trend in 2019 (and even more so with St. Patricks Day right around the corner. Lá Fhéile Pádraig– shout out to all the lovely Irish folk celebrating!)

To make up for the fact that the green is very (very!) subtle, I combined it with a colorful graphic liner, one of the eyeliner styles that is huge in 2019 (Pinterest said so!). And, at least if you choose a dark green like I did, one of the few colored eyeliner versions possible to pull off at the office.

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New Pixi Eyeshadow Palettes Natural Beauty and Reflex Light – Review and Swatches

This blog post contains PR-Samples and uses affiliate links, so it classifies as advertisement. I was not paid to talk about the products. Please read disclaimer.

I admit I filmed a video and needed to add a separate sequence at the end a week later that partly counteracted what I had said in the video.


pixi eyeshadow palettes Natural Beauty and Reflex Light
pixi eyeshadow palettes Natural Beauty and Reflex Light


Not very professional, eh? But in my defense, I wanted to get a review of the new Pixi Beauty Eyeshadow Palettes up quickly, and I knew I only had one spot for filming in the next two weeks. And this spot happened to be about two hours after I received Natural Beauty and Reflex Lights in the mail.

So I opened the parcel, took pictures (first things first, we all need a pristine shot!) and then sat down to film.

And after filming, I took my time to play with Natural Beauty and Reflex Light. And had to admit that I was, indeed, wrong in my first impressions.

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