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Instytutum Ultimate Anti-Wrinkle Brightening Eye Cream – Being pleasant

A few weeks ago someone saw me and my daughter and told me to raise her “to be a pleasant young lady”. Now getting unwanted parental advice from strangers is something you quickly grow used to when having kids, but this one got me thinking: You see, there are many concerns I have in raising both my kids, but making them “pleasant” is not among them.     Independent, caring, strong, well-mannered, thoughtful, educated… So many adjectives come to mind, but pleasant? I think I don´t even associate pleasant with…

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DNA Eye Renewal – Science and surprises

If you are a regular reader here, you will know that my skincare reviews require a lot of work. Not only do I try to be as detailed as possible in describing my experience, but I do research the ingredients and claims behind them as well. It helps a lot that I have access to medical databases, because, quite frankly, the “scientific” claims on a brands website are ridiculous.     When starting my review on the DNA Eye Renewal, I already had an opinion on the cream and its…

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Oskia Eye Wonder Nutri-Active Eye Serum – No snow around here

Every year, when November comes around, I ask myself why I didn’t move to a place where there is actual snow. I mean, we get snow occasionally, we even had a few flakes mixed into the constant rain earlier today, but a solid few months of nice, white layers outside? Not happening.     With envy I watch Melissas Instagram, showing us the first snow of the season in Switzerland and then reach for my snow white bottle of Oskia Eye Wonder Nutri-Active Eye Serum (PR-Sample). Which, by the way,…

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