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Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum – Not an INCI blog

This blogpost contains affiliate links. Please read disclaimer. I am NOT a skincare guru. It is incredibly flattering when my blogging buddies call me that, and I am happy and grateful for everyone reading here and trusting my reviews, but I would never (ever!) claim that title for myself. You see: This is NOT an INCI blog. I am not a chemist, nor do I have any experience working in the industry.     I am a doctor, and even though I have read a ton of scientific publications and…

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Hyperpigmentation – Everything you need to know

When I was 15 and returned from a beach holiday, my boyfriend kissed me and said: “I never realized you had such cute freckles!” Quite honestly, I had never realized either, but I was flattered. When you are 15, you are easily flattered by things your boyfriend says, and, for the most part, you have no clue what freckles actually are.     Now that I am older (way older), wiser (debatable) and less easily flattered, I know that these freckles were the first hyper pigmentation that showed on my…

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