The Ordinary Coverage Foundation – Confusion

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While I was trying to write this introduction, I got sucked in to the black hole that is “The Ordinary Drama” time lines. As much as I claim I don´t care for drama online (and believe me, I don´t) it seems like once you start reading, you simply can´t stop.

So much has happened since I shared my initial thoughts here, and it leaves me incredibly confused.


The Ordinary Coverage Foundation
The Ordinary Coverage Foundation


So how do I proceed? I guess I will continue with what I do best and focus on the product at hand, the The Ordinary Coverage foundation and no longer think about the time wasted following link after link in an attempt to make sense to what ultimately may not have one.

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The Ordinary Serum Foundation – Habits

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I know many a blogger out there started their blog to justify a spending habit that is borderline hoarding. And I am no exception! “I want to write about it!” is a common excuse when yet another red lipstick makes its way into my basket. (But then again, who blogs about a single lipstick anymore? I´ll buy the whole line!)

Mr. Loca has long learned not to question the sheer amount of parcels appearing on our doorstep.


The Ordinary Serum Foundation
The Ordinary Serum Foundation in the shade 1.2


And while I am very good at actually finishing stuff (proof are my empties videos) and my shopping is much more mindful, I am not immune to buying stuff I actually did know in the first place I wouldn´t really use.

Latest one? The Ordinary Serum Foundation. I prefer my base to be matte, long lasting and at least medium coverage, none of which it claims to be.

But of course I put it to the test anyway!

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