Skincare gift guide for mature skin

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The older we become, the harder it gets to buy presents for us, I admit that.

Take me as example: I try to be more minimalistic in my way of living (the emphasis being on “try” here), which rules out decorative stuff, I like to read, but get my books at our local library and already own more makeup than any sane person would ever need. So what on earth should you get me?


My skincare gift guide for mature skin
My skincare gift guide for mature skin


Events are of course a welcome surprise, as is chocolate, but for both there is a limit in how much you can actually fit into your days. Well, there is one for events at last, not so sure about the chocolate part…

Now what about skincare? Difficult, I admit. But not impossible! And I am not talking getting a generic gift set here, I am talking about a thoughtfully picked item that is tailored to the other persons needs.

So I sat down and figured out a few examples on what to get, divided by budget and by skincare concern. Not without an agenda, I might add!

To my family reading – gifting skincare is possible, and in my case very welcome!

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