LLL Vlogs 36 – Getting my hair done

I really have no explanation why it always takes me so long book an appointment to get my hair done.

I mean, the experience is nothing but pleasant! Even if you leave the whole “New hair, beautiful me” – thing aside, what is not to love?


LLL Vlogs 36 - Getting my hair done
LLL Vlogs 36 – Getting my hair done


Sitting in a chair with some tea and a book for more than two hours without getting up to a) wipe up spilled milk or b) wipe a bottom or c) wipe away tears due to spilled milk or wiping a bottom is an occasion so rare, I almost forget that a long time ago every weekend was supposed to be like this.

I vow not to let 13 months pass before I venture in the world of bleach and blow drys again!

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Hairloss after pregnancy – The nightmare continues

When the postpartum hairloss kicked in after my first child, I was completely freaking out. Never in my life had I lost so much hair, and I do shed quite a lot on a regular basis anyway.


Hairloss after pregnancy
Hairloss after pregnancy


Now, the second time around, I was prepared. But that didn’t help with the freaking out part, to be honest. The only thing that helped me staying calm(er) this time around is the things I have learned about hairloss after pregnancy.

So here is a video, telling you all I know and all you can do when you are affected as well.

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Deep Conditioning – My recipe of choice

As I told you on Tuesday in my last blogpost, my hair lacks moisture. My ends are dry, I get a lot of frizz and the cold wind and heating don’t really help in improving that.

Deep Conditioning has been my method of choice, and while it looks absolutely ridiculous to walk around the flat having your head covered in oil (and other stuff), wearing a shower cap and probably even a woolen hat, it really helped me throughout the last months.


Picture source Instagram
Picture source Instagram

The things we do for beauty, hm?

Now my husband has become accustomed to me looking all kinds of crazy in the name of blogging and beauty, but if your special someone is a sensitive soul, you should probably save that and the sheet masks for evenings home alone.

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Long, healthy hair – Discover what you really need

If you follow me on Pinterest, you may have noticed that I am pinning a lot of tips for so-called “natural hair”. Yes, that is right, tips most likely catered to afro-american locks.

A quick glance at my profile picture in the sidebar will reveal what you already knew: That is by no means my hair.

Fine, ash blonde and damaged from years of bleach, why on earth would I care what works for a hair type completely opposite to mine?

Long, healthy hair - but how?
Long, healthy hair – but how?


I will tell you: I haven’t found anyone around the blogosphere that knows more about the treatment of hair damage then these people, going from processed, straightened and bleached to all healthy and natural.

Curious to see what I have learned?

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