We get the glow – Looking back at week three

I just realized I managed to write three blogpost about Diet Coke.

Three! In a row!

I guess this is an all time low, both for my nutrition and my writing.

So no more rambling about fizzy drinks, on to my next rant: Going gluten free.


We get the glow week three


As we enter week four of the challenge, it is time to focus on the gut. Beat the bloat is the title of the corresponding chapter, and while I wholeheartedly agree with the importance of healthy gut bacteria (great topic, I know), I am not a fan of cutting gluten out of your diet.

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We get the glow – The introduction

Remember when I announced I was starting a series on You Tube with one of my favorite persons?

Well, today is the day. And the person I refer to is … drumroll… my mom.


We get the glow


The reason she agreed to join me in front of the camera is a six weeks program we are going to start. The six weeks „Get the glow“ plan from Madeleine Shaws book.

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