The best highlighters for oily skin – Living in denial

Until March this year I was in denial.

In denial about owning highlighter.

See, my skin is naturally oily, and while I get lots of compliments on its radiance and glow, I personally never liked it. Yes, I know there is a difference between oily and dewy, but for me, a matte base is the way to go.

So when asked, I´d say something like “I don´t really own any highlighters.”


The best highlighters for oily skin
The best highlighters for oily skin


Which, let me tell you, never was true. My first ever high end purchase were the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks in Beige, back in 2010. And I did buy a few others here and there, got rid of many again, but kept quite a selection.

Maybe it is the magpie in me, drawn to all things shiny. Or maybe it is the fact that highlighters these days are way different from the glitter explosion that I first picked up at the drugstore aged 14. But whatever the reason: I admit that I have a collection of highlighters. And today I will confess and show you all of them.

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