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The Ordinary Matrixyl 10% + HA

This blog post contains affiliate links. Please read disclaimer.   Sometimes a tiny letter can make a huge difference. Make you question things, for example. In cosmetic science, that letter is usually a “v”. Why a “v” you ask? And imagine how great it would have been had I said a “y” -Y a “y”? Because “in vivo” sounds pretty similar to “in vitro”, but in terms of results there is a huge difference.     See, many ingredients proove their claim on human cells. In the lab, in petri…

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Do you really need a moisturizer? The difference between dry and dehydrated skin

I admit, the question above is not one to be easily answered. So if you came here after a quick google search hoping for either a yes or a no, you will leave disappointed. But most people that come here for a “yes or no” answer will leave disappointed, as I don’t believe in quick fixes, but in providing the facts you need to answer your questions yourself. Can you tell I have little kids and a teacher as mom?     Seriously though, there are many reasons why this…

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