Indian Summer and some Guerlain goodies

They say anticipation is sometimes better than the actual event.

I find that to be especially true regarding anything weather dependent. How many times have you looked forward to summer barbecues outside and ended up inside because of hail and storm? How many times have you dreamt about snow ball fights in a winter wonderland only to shuffle through muddy pools in constant rain?


Indian Summer Makeup
Indian Summer Makeup


I know I have been disappointed numerous times, so when Flanconi (an online beauty store) reached out to me and asked for an Indian summer look, I decided to take matters into my own hands. It may be wet and cold outside, but here on the blog we´ll have all the gold and orange we long for.

And what can I say, after I finished filming the sun decided to make an appearance and I was able to actually shoot outdoors! I am not going to jinx it, but if we get a prolonged period of beautiful weather here in Germany now, I will claim magical makeup skills.

If not, this Indian Summer look will see me through the disappointment.

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