Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation – Time will tell

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Last time I visited my DM, I was gushing over the new display of LOV makeup they had put up. New eyeshadows, new blushes, new foundations.

The excitement was real! But as always in life, if something new comes in, something old has to go. And sadly, LOV had replaced Max Factor. My current favorite drugstore brand.


MaxFactor Lasting Performance Foundation
MaxFactor Lasting Performance Foundation


Only time will tell if LOV. can excite me as much as Max Factor did (which I can still get, just not in MY DM), but at least it brought to my attention that I had filmed a foundation review on the Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation earlier this year, but never got around to upload it.

So if you hear me talk about hot summer days, don´t be fooled, I have not suddenly moved to another country. I just still wanted to share how the Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation worked for me.

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