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Too bloody blonde

I like to think that I am pretty clever. I mean, I find my way around new situations quite easily, changed my field of profession without problems and even taught myself some new skills like basic coding and (even more basic) photography.     There are some days though when I feel as if this fridge magnet perfectly describes me:     Trying to find a solution for annoyances in daily life, building complicated ways around something while completely ignoring the obvious and easy way any sane person would take. Case in…

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It is the time for giving

December is the time for giving, not only to friends and family, but also to charity. There are numerous good causes out there, and I am sure everyone has something that is very dear to his heart. I wanted to take he opportunity to share with you the two that our family is going to support this year: In the UK there is one day in december called “Christmas Jumper Day”, where millions of people go out wearing their hand-knitted Christmas Jumpers to show their support for a (pre-defined) good…

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