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How to accept failure – 5 tips to move on

Soon they will be everywhere again – solutions, goals, whatever you call them. The clock strikes midnight, fireworks go off and everything feels shiny and new. This will be the year you finally quit smoking, the year you will get the well-deserved pay raise, the year you find your calling and the love of your life. Anything is possible when the New Year comes!     But how about now, with the old year coming to an end? How about the day you sit down to reflect on what you…

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Working from home – Patience

I always figured I was of the impatient kind. And that nothing in the world could ever change that. As someone that was used to grasping new things quickly, I never really had the patience to sit down and try long and hard. That almost broke my neck in medical school, as some of the topics required me to just do things repeatedly until I had memorized them by heart – a concept that to this day doesn´t agree with me.     That is just the way it is,…

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