Quick and easy everyday makeup for winter 2019

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For me winter in terms of makeup starts when Christmas is over – Holiday makeup is a whole category of its own. (Although it has similarities – see here)

So when January came, I sat down and rummaged through my stash to rediscover products I used to love, but that somehow got pushed aside for other stuff. Because, as I said here, I am guilty of abandoning my favorites for things that actually don´t work as good for me, simply because they are newer.


My everyday makeup for winter 2019
My everyday makeup for winter 2019


I mean, what is the point of saving a lipstick I love while desperately trying to use up the one that isn´t as flattering, so I can get rid of that one first? I feel stupid even typing this, but it is what I subconsciously did.

This face however is all old products, some that old that I don´t want to know exactly when I purchased them, and I couldn´t be happier with the results.

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