pixi MatteLustre & Shea Butter – Any excuse

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I don´t need more lipsticks. I DON´T need more lipsticks. I don´t need MORE lipsticks. I don´t need… Oh shut up.

Ladies and gentlemen (are there any here?) let me present you with the latest six (ha!) additions to my lipstick stash!

To be fair, I didn´t purchase them myself. They were sent to me, carefully wrapped, in the lovely pixi-green box that brightens my day whenever it appears on my doorstep. Is this an excuse?



pixi MatteLustre & Shea Butter
pixi MatteLustre & Shea Butter


I could have given them away, untouched, to a loyal reader.

I could have donated them to a charitable organization.

But, as I said to myself, I have an obligation. An obligation to present you, fellow lipstick lovers, with first hand experience and swatches.

Can you see I am an expert at finding excuses?

So let´s see how the pixi MatteLustre lipsticks * and the pixi Shea Butter Lip Balms * perform!

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Sephora Rouge Lipstick Cream & Shine –

I keep telling Mr. Loca that a girl needs to have options. Which is why, despite the fact that I own more lipsticks that I could possibly use in a life span, I keep adding to my collection.

That is, of course, preposterous, if I keep doing what I am doing at the moment. Because whenever I am offered options, I choose the same colors over and over again. Which is okay, because they suit me. And which is not okay, because I am officially stuck in a makeup rut now and am going to drown in a flood of orange based reds sooner or later.


Sephora Rouge Lipstick Set - Cream & Shine
Sephora Rouge Lipstick Set – Cream & Shine


Mr. Loca, of course, will not be of much help with this issue, which is why I will turn to you, dear readers, for advice. I will show you the swatches of six of the Sephora Rouge Lipstick below. Please do tell me which one you reckon I should keep. Should I stay with the reds or venture outside my comfort zone?

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Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche – On battling a dragon

I recently had to battle a dragon in order to free my princess.

Now, not literally a dragon and not really a princess, but it sure felt similar. Or at least how I would imagine it to feel, as dragons are rare these days.


Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche


I had to face two middle aged men in order to free some Sephora goodies from customs. They were held captive because no invoice was attached, as I had won them in a giveaway.

The battle went back and forth, me trying to explain beauty blogs, Twitter and giveaways to people that barely grasped the concept of a lipstick, but in the end I was victorious.

Home with me came an adorable set of four Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche lipsticks, each containing 1.5 g of product. They went by the name Honeycomb (described as a beige nude), Fig (a nude rose), Pepper (a dusty rose) and Nori (a deep brown red and my favorite of them all).

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Astor Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter Collection – Review and swatches

If you are a regular follower around here, you will know that red lipstick have a special place in my heart.

And that I like makeup in stick form.


Astor Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter Collection


So it comes to no surprise that one of my favorite lip products is a red lip crayon by Astor, called Va Va Voum. It is part of the Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter line, and that line recently received a few new additions.

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Astor Perfect Stay Fabulous lipsticks and giveaway

I have said it several times before: Red lipsticks are my weakness, and I really don’t need any more of them.

But lucky for me, no one seems to pay any attention to these claims, least of all myself, so I was very excited when a package with the new Astor lipstick range called „Perfect Stay Fabulous“ arrived at my doorstep.

Astor Perfect Stay Fabulous lipsticks
Astor Perfect Stay Fabulous lipsticks


As you can see in the video, it is a lovely selection of reds with different undertones, and I had a hard time deciding which ones would find a permanent home in my makeup bag.


Now if you want to give them a go yourself, head over to my You Tube channel to see them in action and make sure to enter the giveaway via Rafflecopter widget below.

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Colors of autumn – My top three nail polish and lipstick picks

Being a self-proclaimed summer-lover I often forget how much I love to see the seasons changing.
Granted, I could do without the rain and the dull, grey days, but at least for a short time we were blessed with sun and blue skies.
Until the morning I sat down to write this post actually.
That day it started raining and hasn’t stopped since.

Colors of fall

But I digress.
The colorful leafs against the blue skies, the golden light from the evening sun, the grapes and the apples, all that makes me long for deeper, richer colors, so I took the opportunity to sort out my stash and pick a few shades that I will enjoy wearing for the time to come. Read more

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Generous Gifts – Lipstick Queen Lipstick in „Saint Coral“

Finding some one that shares your passion for something makes life so much more enjoyable, don’t you think?

And while I am lucky to have a husband sharing my love for hiking and lots of other stuff, for some very strange reason he just isn’t as much into makeup as I am.
Me going on and on about skin tones, lipstick finishes and eyeshadow fallout isn’t his idea of a fun conversation, so I started this blog (among other reasons) to connect with likeminded people, as they are rare among my friends.

Lipstick Queen Lipstick in „Saint Coral“

Rare, but not non-existent.
My gorgeous friend Pia is as crazy as I am about all things makeup, and we can spend hours discussing new releases or browsing the aisles of the local drugstore.
She also is quite different complexionwise, having dark hair and fair, cool-toned skin (think Snow-white, she really is very pretty!)

And when she ends up with something that just doesn’t work with her skin tone, I am the lucky profiteer.
This is how I got my hands on my first ever Lipstick Queen product.

What Lipstick Queen claims:
Each easy to wear shade contains 10% pigment, giving just a hint of long-lasting color. Build the shade for a more dramatic yet casual approach to glamour.
Moisturizing and long-lasting sheer color. Fragrance and shimmer free.

Sadly, Lipstick Queen isn’t available in store in Germany.
All lipsticks Queen lipsticks come in different colored, sleek tubes. The Saint Lipstick packaging is of a golden color with purple writing.
Inside are 3.5 g (0,12 Oz) and it retails for 21 € on Amazon.

As claimed by Lipstick Queen there is no scent and no shimmer.

Despite containing Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil, the formula isn’t very moisturizing on my lips. It isn’t drying either, it just leaves my lips the way they were before applying.
Even though the color is marketed as sheer, it shows up well enough on my lips and can be build up when using several swipes.

One swipe of Lipstick Queens „Saint Coral“

Weartime on me is average. If I only drink, I can still see the color after 2-3 hours, but I have to reapply after eating. But considering this is a sheer color, I wouldn’t have expected anything else.

All lipsticks are available in a corresponding „Sinner“ formula, containing 90% pigment, thus providing opaque coverage and longer weartime.

Does it live up to its claims?
It isn’t as moisturizing as I would have hoped, but that may be due to my moisture zapping work environment more than due to the lipstick itself.

Will I rebuy?
I like the formula and think it is well worth the price.
And I love the color. It has quickly become a staple in my handbag.

Who do I recommend it to?
Anyone willing to spend that amount of money on a lipstick.
You will find your preferred coverage either in the „Saint“ or in the „Sinner“ range, the formula is easy to wear and the ingredient list full of goodness, so I think the price is justified.

Have you ever tried Lipstick Queen?
And are you a Saint or a Sinner?


Cheating yourself – Revlon Lipsticks

Grabbing a cup of tea and catching up on my bloglovin roll is my preferred way to unwind after a day of work.

I love reading about new products, and if I wouldn´t impose a strict: „No buying while reading“-rule, I would end up with a fair amount of them ordered every night.

A few weeks ago, Jaa from „HelloJaa“ (If you don’t follow her already, go check her out. Her pictures are art!) shared her Wishlist for March 2015.
In the comments we got chatting, and I proudly told about my above mentioned rule, claiming it made me forget most of the products I read about, saving me a lot of money in the long run.

But then, looking at my recent New Zealand purchases, I realized I have been cheating myself for quite some time now.

I use Pinterest.

And on my „Beauty Wishlist“ board, where I pin everything I don’t buy instantly, had been sitting one of Revlons Lipsticks for almost two years now.

From left to right: „Cherries in the Snow“, „Really Red“, „Kissable Pink“

Meet „Cherries in the Snow“. And his brothers I may have picked up when I was at the counter.

As I have mourned countless times before, Revlon isn’t sold in Germany, so I will provide you with the prices in $.

What Revlon says:
„Super Lustrous“ creates unforgettably seductive lip color in four finishes – crème, matte, pearl and shine – and is available in 82 vibrant shades.

As mentioned above there are 82 shades to choose from, retailing for around 8 $ online.

Out of the four mentioned finishes I own three, and I have to say they are quite different in coverage, wear-time and comfort.

Revlon „Cherries in the Snow“

„Cherries in the Snow“ (Crème):
This is a blue based red with a slight fuchsia tint, and a crème finish. It applies smoothly, has no tendency to move into my lip lines and stays put for four hours through drinking and minor snacking. After this time you are still left with a pretty, but less vibrant stain on your lips.
I find this to be neither drying nor moisturizing.

Revlon „Really Red“

„Really Red“ (Matte):
Just what it says: A true red, slightly on the warmer side. Application and wear time are similar to „Cherries in the Snow“, but I find this one to be a little more drying.
Although it says matte, it isn’t totally matte on my lips.

Revlon „Kissable Pink“

„Kissable Pink“ (Shine):
A blue-toned pink with shimmer particles in the tub that don’t transfer to the lip. On my pigmented lips, this just gives a pink tint while adding a lot of shine.
It applies as well as the others, but fades much more quickly on me, I need to touch up after about two hours/ after snacking or drinking.

Would I rebuy?
If only Revlon was sold here…

Who would I recommend it to?
These are pretty, affordable lipsticks, and with 82 colors there should be one for everybody.
Just keep in mind that there are slight differences regarding the performance.

Do you own any Revlon lipsticks?
And when was the last time you caught yourself cheating?


My top three summer lip colors

Now it is no secret that I love a good lipstick. If you have seen my collection (I am currently trying to work my way through it on Instagram @LindaLibraLoca), you’ll know that I have just about every color you could think of.
Reds will always be my favorites, but you’ll find a fair share of nudes and MLBB shades in my drawers as well that I reach for on work days.
In the summer though, when even I get a little bit tanned, I tend to go for more vibrant shades on my lips.
Lipstick paired with a pair of sunglasses to hide your tired
eyes makes you look pulled together even after two sleepless nights due to a teething baby. Obviously this works all through the year, but as I am no member of the Kardashian family, so I tend to shy away from sunglasses in the winter gloom.

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