Favorite Face of … August

If you are not familiar with the “Favorite Face of …” series, click here for a little introduction. Short story even shorter, it is the makeup that I wore most during that month, featuring the favorite (as in most used) makeup products.

I have stated numerous times before that I am not ready for fall yet. In fact, I still have a beach vacation coming up in ten days (yay!), so I refuse to turn to fall colors and collections and still cling to my coral lips and shimmery bronzes.

Orange eyeshadow and a natural lip.

At least that is what I thought.
But when I shot my most worn makeup, I realized that I somehow, unconsciously, must have gravitated toward the colors of pumpkin, spice and turning leaves.
Oh well, I seem to have a seasonal makeup heart after all.

Here is how I achieved this look:

A little close up of the eyes:

Orange and brown, definitely fall shades.

1. Makeup used on my face:
To combat the signs of exhaustion under my eyes I literally scraped out the remnants of “Light Peach” from my MAC Correct and Conceal Palette (Review here). There is barely anything left…
For a base I have been testing Cliniques Age Defense BB Cream SPF 30 in 02 for a few weeks. It is labelled anti-aging, being a little richer than I usually would go for, but leaves a pretty dewy finish while providing medium coverage (Review here).
To leave my skin a little dewy, something I enjoy a lot more than I ever thought possible, I didn’t powder but only dusted The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzer in “02” on my face where the sun would naturally hit.

MAC Pro Conceal and Correct Pallete, Clinique BB Cream, The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzer

2. Makeup used on my eyes:
Brown as my eyeshadow base seems still to go strong, and the “lid” shade from Revlons “Impressionist” palette makes for a great overall wash of color. (Review here)
This month I went for the color combination brown/orange quite a lot, using Catrice´s “Carrots of the Caribbean” on the center of my lid.
Orange really makes the blue part of my eye color stand out, but can be difficult to pull off without looking like you suffer from an eye infection. I usually use a black liner to avoid this effect, but went for a dark grey with golden flecks this month (MAC Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner in “Black Line”). It almost looks green in the pictures.
Loads of mascara (Revlon 3D Photoready Mascara in “Blackest Black”, review here) and the eyes were finished.
That eyeshadow color is very difficult to match, so I opted for a sheerer lip color like the Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoothers (Review here).

Revlon Eyeshadowpalette in 505 “Impressionist”, Catrice “Carrots of the Caribbean”, MAC Pearlglide Intense Liner in “Black Line” and Revlon 3dD Photoready Mascara

So this was my favorite makeup for August. How about you?
What have you been loving last month?
And are you already gravitating towards fall colors?



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So this “Strobing” thing… – MAC Mineralize Foundation SPF 15 Loose in “Light”

Have you heard of “Strobing”?
Of course you have, it is hard not to if you are into beauty and makeup.
Everyone and their grandma is going on about it, and even though I boldly claimed you wouldn’t hear me talking about it anytime soon, here I am.

But not with a “Strobing” tutorial, because I am the last person able to fill you in on it´s secrets.
To be honest I don’t even get the whole “new thing” attitude people take, to me it just seems like strategically placed highlighter that is blended well. Am I missing something here?

So what is my point?
I guess my point is that even though I vowed not to give into this hype, I noticed me reaching for a different kind of base lately.
One I have owned and shunned for several years now because of the slightly dewy finish it gives.
A finish that I enjoy more than I ever thought possible this summer.
Blame it on the strobing slowly getting to me, here is MAC Mineralize Foundation SPF 15 Loose in “Light”.

Now since I bought it (2010) they have changed the packaging and gotten rid of the included powder sponge you were meant to use for application.
That is a very good thing, because despite getting a second sponge to change them up and wash them in between uses I was always worried about hygiene. Plus the sponges didn’t hold up to well.

The sponge, looking battered despite not being used.

What MAC claims:
A silky, mineral-rich powder foundation that brushes on to deliver medium buildable coverage and a radiant look. Gives skin a smooth, natural dimensional finish with exceptional luminosity and a velvet-soft, comfortable feel.

One pot contains 9,5g and retails for 37,50 € at MAC  or for up to 70 € on Amazon (don’t ask why, I have no idea).
There are nine colors to choose from, ranging from “Extra Light” to “Deep Dark”.

I will not go into detail on the ingredients (it is a makeup product, not skincare after all) but I wanted to share that the SPF comes from physical sunscreens like Titanium and Zinc Oxide and that there are some added “beneficial ingredients” as Vitamin E and Wheat Germ Oil.

For application I use a Kabuki brush and buff the powder into my skin. Due to the packaging it isn’t completely mess-free, but works much better than having to rely on the (gross looking) powder sponge in the lid.

MAC Mineralize Foundation SF 15 on my Kabuki

The coverage is light, buildable to medium while feeling like a light dusting of powder on my skin. My skins texture looks refined, more even and is silky-smooth to the touch. Yes, I do touch my face several times a day, even though I know I shouldn’t.
And it is luminous, giving you the often praised “lit from within” glow without being shimmery at all.  Last year I would accept nothing but a full on matte face, but somehow my preferences seem to have changed…

On days where my skin is extra oily, I will need to blot around my T-zone halfway though the day. Staying powder isn’t exceptionally long, I need to reapply around twice if I want it to last a whole working day. This is average for a powder foundation on my skin.

Now let´s take a look how it looks on my face.
1. No foundation, no concealer. (And no freckles, that is hyper pigmentation aka sun damage)

No foundation, no concealer. Bare skin.

2. MAC Mineralize Foundation, no concealer. Redness and hyperpigmentation look less visible, the finish is very natural and luminous.

MAC Mineralize Fondation SPF 15 Loose on my skin

Does it live up to its claims?
I don’t know if the mineral-rich part is very important, I rely on my skincare to fix my skin, but the finish, the texture and the coverage are just as claimed.

Will I rebuy?
It is perfect for hot summer days where you just can´t be bothered to cover your face in liquid of any sorts and just want a little help while looking natural.

Who do I recommend it to?

Anyone looking for a natural finish that doesn’t need too much coverage.
If you have major skin issues to cover, the coverage will be too light, and if you are exceptionally dry it probably won’t be rich enough for you, but everyone one else give it a go.
It is perfect for natural makeup days and easy and quick in application.
Have you tried this one before?
And what is your take on strobing?

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Chick Lit – MAC Casual Color Lip & Cheek Color in P.S. I like you

Do you know what “Chick Lit” is?
I have to admit I didn’t, even though I probably should, as I was target audience back in the 90ies, when this genre made its appearance.

Now I don’t want to turn this into a rant about PR companies feeling the need to create a genre called “Lighthearted literature, addressing the issues of modern womanhood”, but mainly consisting of unpretentious stories of silly girls stumbling through their life looking for Mr. Right.
I mean, I don’t read this stuff, and I don’t think they address any of the issues I have while trying to be a modern woman.

MAC Cream Blush in P.S.: I like you

What I really wanted to talk about is that one of these books almost made me pass on MACs Cream Blush in “P.S.: I like you”.
And that would have been a great miss.

Now that introduction may not be easy to follow, but let me explain:
In 2004 Cecilia Ahern released a book called: “P.S.: I love you” and immediately reached Nr. 1-Bestseller status in many countries including Germany. I read it and majorly disliked it.
The story had a lot of potential, but for my taste was shallow, boring and much too easy to read.
Now you may have read and loved the book (someone must have bought all the copies), please feel free to disagree, but for me, this was the first encounter with what I learned to call Chick Lit and I have not been able to forget it.

So when MAC released “P.S.: I like you”, I was instantly reminded of the book and did not plan on buying it. That may sound like a silly reason not to buy a product, but I have bought stuff just for the sake of their packaging, so…

After seeing it swatched numerous times, I bought it anyway. And I am glad I did, flinching when reading the name aside.

MAC Cream Blush in P.S.: I like you

The color is described as “carnation pink” by MAC and looks like a warm, almost coral pink in the pan. When applied to my skin, it looks like a true, warm pink.

MAC Cream Blush in P.S.: I like you (one swipe)

It was released as a part of the Mia Moretti Collection, so it is no longer available (sorry!), but back then it retailed for 24,50 € online, containing 2.5 ml of product.

The Casual Colors (of which there are currently six available permanently) are meant to be used on the cheeks and on the lips.
Like most of these product, they work better on my cheeks than on my lips, but I love how versatile they are when it comes to traveling lightly (see here).

When applied to the cheeks, I get a fresh, healthy glow that lasts around six hours on me (quite good for a cream product). It blends easily and feels absolutely weightless.

On my lips it creates a soft pink, satiny finish and stays put for three hours (no eating or drinking). It is a little dying, so I need to make sure my lips are moisturized well before applying it.
I much prefer to use it on my cheeks only.

You have seen this blush both on lips and cheeks in this picture:

Bildunterschrift hinzufügen

As I said, I am glad I picked it up, it is a welcome addition to my Blush Collection.

Do you own a Casual Color by MAC?
And do you enjoy reading Chick Lit?


Favorite Face of … June

If you are not familiar with the “Favorite Face of …” series, click here for a little introduction. Short story even shorter, it is the makeup that I wore most during that month, featuring the favorite (as in most used) makeup products.

If you are makeup obsessive lover like I am, you are constantly on the hunt for inspiration.
And what better place to find it than other beauty blogs? Sometimes I can’t exactly pinpoint where I found inspiration, but this time it was fairly easy:
Over at Maireems cute little blog, in exactly this post: We will always have red.

Favorite Face of June

Now you know I love my red lips, but the way she described the “effortless Parisian way” of wearing them sounded so posh, I had to try it.

1. Products used on my face
For the effortless look I went very light with the base, which also saved me time in the mornings (always appreciated!).
– MAC Pro Conceal and Correct Palette in Light (Review here) on spots, scars and a little around my nose to conceal redness
– Maybelline Mattemaker Powder in “Light Beige” (Review here) dusted lightly all over my face to take away the shine
– The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzer in 02 (Review here) for warmth and color
– Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 15 (Review here) on top of my undereye corrector, taken down on the cheekbones of highlighting.

Products used on my face: Maybelline Mattemaker, The Body Shop Bronzer, Maybelline Fit Me Concealer, MAC Pro Conceal and Correct Palette

2. Products used on eyes and lips:
To add softness but definition to the eyes, I used a soft base, smudged liner and loads of mascara.
– Clinique Chubby Stick for eyes in “Bountiful Beige” all over my lid
– MAC Fluidline in “Avenue” (LE), a soft brown with golden sparkle, smudged close to the lash line
– Revlon Photoready 3D Volume mascara in “Black” on my upper and lower lashes
– Revlon Super lustrous lipstick in “Really Red” (Matte) (Review here)

Clinique Chubby Stick for eyes, MAC Fluidline, Revlon lipstick, Revlon Photoready 3D Mascara

Before we end this post, can we please take a moment and admire the way my hair looks in this picture?
Now I don’t want to sound vain, but this is exactly how I want my hair to look, with silky soft Hollywood waves, no frizz.
But no matter how hard I try, it never looks this way.
This time I did nothing at all to style it, I just undid my bun, brushed it and voila!
Of course the picture was taken just before I headed off to a sweaty workout, on a day when I had absolutely nowhere special to go and the husband was working late. And I guess it will never look this way again…

So what have you been loving this month?
And does your hair play tricks like this on you, too?



Inspired by … Chanel Mediterranée Collection Summer 2015

If you are not familiar with the “Inspired by…” series, click here for an explanation.
But short story even shorter, each month I choose a seasonal ad and try to recreate the models look with colors I already own.
Dressing up and awkward posing included!

And as this months installment marks the last summer look of this year and the weather had been exceptionally lovely, I decided to go with Chanels “Mediterranée” Collection for Summer 2015.
Admit it, you would love to lie outside on a deck chair, looking all glamorous right now, too!

Chanel Méditerranée Collection Summer 2015 (Picture Source)

Now I didn’t have a deck chair to lounge in and it was raining non-stop when I shot the look, but we will work with what we have.

Here it is: My take on the look

Trying to look totally relaxed and in holiday mode.

Main focus were the eyes, featuring a gorgeous brown-golden smokey eye, very subtle, with a vibrant purple liner on the lower lash line.
I quickly realized I had no purple liner that would be vibrant enough, so I ended up adding a pigment on my purple liner to get it to pop. That didn’t work to well with my eyes, even though I decided not to put it on my waterline (I wear contacts).
Please excuse the redness…

Close up of the eyes

1. How I did the base:
The face looks radiant and natural, but way too flawless to actually be natural.
To mimic this, I decided to go with a very light base and use a ton of concealer to cover spots, hyper pigmentation and redness. For setting everything a slight shimmery powder was needed, to give this “lit-from within” sheen to the skin I usually avoid. And finally no blush, but bronzer for a sun kissed appearance.

Left to right: Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector in “Light”, TBS Honey Bronze in “02”, MAC Beauty Powder in “Shell Pearl”, MAC Pro Conceal and Correct Palette in “Light”

– Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector in “Light” (Review here)
– The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzer in “02” (Review here)
– MAC Beauty Powder in “Shell Pearl”
– MAC Pro Conceal and Correct Palette in “Light” (Review here)

2. How I did the eyes and lips
Recreating the eye makeup was challenging.
A subtle brown smokey eye with some gold eyeshadow on top was easy, but all the purples I owned were far too toned down to match the vibrant line the model wore.
I ended up applying a sparkly pigment on top of my purple gel liner, but the color didn’t quite match and I wasn’t able to wear it on my waterline.
The lips on the other hand proved to be challenging for a whole different reason:
I knew I would have the perfect match in my collection, but ended up confused by the amount of orange-reds there were to choose from.
Did I mention red is my weakness when it comes to lip products?

Starting with the quad, going clockwise: MAC Eyeshadow Quad “Flip” used, Max Factor Masterpiece Liquid Eyeshadow in “Coffee”,  Revlon 3D Volume Mascara in “Black”, Revlon Lipgloss in “Sizzle”, MAC Pigment Stack 4, MAC Fluidline in “Midnight Violet”

– MAX Factor Masterpiece Liquid eyeshadow in “Coffee” all over the lid
– MAC eyeshadow Quad, top right shade in “Flip”, put on top of the Max Factor “Coffee”
– MAC Fluidline in “Midnight Violet” on the lower lash line
– MAC Pigment Stack 4 on top of the Fluidline
– Revlon 3 D Volume Mascara in “Black”, multiple coats on my lashes
– Revlon Lipgloss in “Sizzle”

Now that I know that I am missing a vibrant pure liner suitable to wear on the waterline, I turn to you for recommendations.
Which one do you prefer?
Have you ever paired your brown eye with purple liner?




Favorite Face of… May

If you are not familiar with the “Favorite Face of …” series, click here for a little introduction. Short story even shorter, it is the makeup that I wore most during that month, featuring the favorite (as in most used) makeup products.

Favorite Face of May, wearing the MAC Cream Blush in P.S. I like you on cheeks and lips

In last months installment I told you that I usually go subtle when I go to work, relying on neutral eyes and natural lips.
Well, let´s just say that last month my love for smokey eyes got the better of me. My colleagues will have to deal with it, I guess.

But without further ado, the makeup.

Close up of the eyes

1. Products used on my eyes:
– MAC Paintpot “Painterly” (My favorite eyeshadow base)
– MaxFactor Masterpiece Color Precision Eyeshadow in “Coffee” (Really like it):
Used all over the lid and smudged with my fingers.
– MAC Gel Liner in “Avenue”, a beautiful brown with golden sparkle (Really like it):
Used on the upper waterline, no wing, slightly smudged with a brush
– Revlon Photoready 3D Volume Mascara in 001 “Blackest Black” (Haven´t made up my mind yet)

Starting left, going clockwise: Revlon 3D Volume Mascara, MAC “Painterly” Paintpot, MaxFactor Masterpiece Eyeshadow in “Coffee”

2. Products used on my face:
– Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector in “Light” (Review here, I am trying to use it up, but it lasts ages!)
– MAC Pro Conceal and Correct Pallette in “Light” (Review here)
– Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 15 (Review here, almost finished)
– Maybelline Mattemaker Powder in 15 “Light Beige” (Review here, smashed to pieces by Little Bean)
– MAC Cream Blush in “P.S. I like you” (So beautiful!)

L to R: Maybelline Mattemaker in 15 “Light Beige” (the remnants), MAC Pro Conceal and Correct Palette in Light, Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector in Light, Maybelline Fit me Concealer in 15, MAC Cream Blush “P.S. I like you”

3. Products used on my lips:
This is the one thing changing the most, but it is always a subtle choice:
– MAC Cream Blush in “P.S. I like you” (Very pretty, but a little drying on the lips)
– Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector in 02 “Apricot Shimmer” (Review here, pretty and moisturizing)
– Lipstick Queen Lipstick in “Saint Coral” (Review here, for days off)

MAC Cream Blush in “P.S. I like you”, Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector in 02 “Apricot Shimmer”, Lipstick Queen LS in “Saint Coral”

What have you been loving last month?
And are you all eyes or all lips at the moment? Or just all all?



A natural flush – My Blush Collection

As I mentioned here before, I have a tendency to look like I am ill.

Or have had way to little sleep (which is true most of the time).
Blush Collection
My Blush Collection


To stop people from making me sit down and have a glass of water, I rely heavily on the power of blush, both powder and cream.
Again, this little overview is MAC-heavy, just because I genuinely love their products and bought a lot of them back in the days.

The Neutrals

If you would have asked me before I wrote this post which color blushes I owned the most, I would have said “Coral” without thinking twice.
Boy, I was wrong!
Blush Collection - The neutrals
Starting at twelve o´clock, going clockwise: “Garb”, “Blush all day”, “Prim & Proper”, “Semi Precious”, “Personal Style”, “Harmony” (all MAC)
“Garb”: Sheertone Blush, a warm golden brown.
“Blush all day”: Pro Longwear Blush, a rose brown
“Prim &Proper”: Satin, a rose brown
“Semi Precious”: MSF, a plummy brown
“Personal Style”: Beauty Powder Blush, a true neutral brown
“Harmony”: Matte, a taupe brown, great for contouring
Swatches from left to right: “Garb”, “Blush all day”, “Prim & Proper”, “Semi Precious” (Center Colors), “Semi Precious” (All Colors), “Harmony”

The Corals

Not as many as I thought, but as you can see all well loved and left with a dent.
Blush Collection - The corals
L to R: “Instant Chic” (MAC), “Orgasm” (NARS), “Fleet Fast” (MAC)
“Instant Chic”: Sheertone Blush, a true coral (MAC)
“Orgasm”: A more pink toned coral with lots of golden shimmer (NARS)
“Fleet Fast”: Satin, pinker than “Instant Chic”, but more orange than “Orgasm” (MAC)
Swatches L to R: “Instant Chic”, “Orgasm”, “Fleet Fast”

The Peaches

My favorite color as soon as the weather gets warmer. Again, all MAC.
Blush Collection - The peach
L to R: “Warmth of Coral”, “Peach Blossom”
“Warmth of Coral”: Mineralize Blush, despite the name more peach than coral on me.
“Persistent Peach”: Blush Ombre, recently repromoted. Mine is several years old and well loved.
L to R: “Warmth of Coral”, “Peach Blossom”

The Creams

I only got into cream blushes about two years ago, so this part of my collection is the most likely to grow.
I sneakily ordered the MAC Cream Blush in “P.S. I like you” and didn’t include it here, but will do a separate post with it some time soon. Update: Read here!
Blush Collection - The creams
L to R: “Soft Candy” (Max Factor), “Floral Glam” (Essence), “Soft Cardinal” (Max Factor)
“Soft Candy”: A true red, on the warmer side.
“Floral Glam”: Cream to Powder Blush from a long gone LE, a true red.
“Soft Cardinal”: A warm pink, great worn as eyeshadow (see here)
L to R: “Soft Candy”, “Floral Glam”, “Soft Cardinal”
A lot of products, but most of them already have a dent and I even hit pan on “Blush all day” (great for long days, because it really last all day). I use blush every single day.
Looking at my collection, I guess I´ll take it easy on the browns for the time coming and try to find some more pinks and/or berry tones…
Which color dominates your blush stash?
What would you think I am missing?
And are you a cream or a powder girl?



Light in coverage, but heavy duty in skincare – MAC Prep+Prime Beauty Balm SPF 35

As lover of MAC and of Tinted Moisturizers, I was delighted when they jumped on the band wagon and released their very own Beauty Balm a few years ago.

I didn’t even bother to test in in store, I ordered the color “Light” online without second thoughts. At this time there were only three shades to choose from (“Light”, “Medium”, “Dark”) as opposed to 12 nowadays.

MAC Prep+Prime Beauty Balm SPF 35

The last squeeze I saved for the purpose of writing a review.

What MAC claims:
This lightly tinted Beauty Balm comes in a nearly sheer beige tone to work with different complexions. It creamily re-texturizes the skin, moisturizing and reducing fine lines while providing high everyday UVA/UVB defense.

The Beauty Balm comes in a squeeze tube, containing 30 ml (1.0 fl oz) and retails for 32 € here.
There are 12 shades to choose from, ranging from Extra Light to Dark Deep.
When first applied, it smells a little like paint, but luckily the smell doesn’t linger.

Favorable ingredients:
– Tocopheryl Acetate: Vitamin E, antioxidant
– Sodium Hyaluronate: Moisturizing
– Glycerin: Moisturizing
– Lecithin: Smoothing
– Urea: Moisturizing
– Wheat Germ Extract: Moisturizing, contains Vitamin A, E and D (antioxidants)
– Barley Extract: Soothes and moisturizes, contains Linoleum acid
– Cucumber Extract: Soothing, depuffing, antiinflammatory
– Laminaria Saccharina Extract: Brown algae, fights impurities, controls sebum (also used by La Mer)
– Apple Extract: Natural AHAs that fight impurities
– Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract: Skin Whitening, contains flavinoids
– Oryzanol: Antioxidant
-Trehalose: Moisturizing

The sunscreen:
This BB Cream contains chemical sunscreen (Octinoxate, Oxybenzone) as well as physical sunscreen (Titanium Dioxide), with the emphasis on the chemical sunscreen, so the risk for flashback is low.

Unfavorable Ingredients:
– Silicones
– Silica (can lead to breakouts in some people)
– Preservatives

The finish is semi-matte, the coverage light to light-medium, and it lasts throughout a working day without settling into fine lines. I usually use a Beauty Blender or my fingers, both work equally well.

1. No foundation.
My skin is behaving well, no active blemishes, but some discoloration and scars.

No foundation, just under eye concealer

2. MAC Prep+Prime Beauty Balm SPF 35.
I applied a second layer on my cheeks for more coverage, but the discoloration still shines through.

Two layers of MAC Prep+Prime Beauty Balm SPF 35

3. Four hours later.
Scarring and discoloration are more visible, and there is shine on my cheeks and nose, but the overall appearance is more even than without the foundation.

How it wears, four hours later.

Does it live up to its claims?
Yes, with some minor exceptions.
The coverage is light, as claimed, it is moisturizing, but suitable for slightly oily skin, too. There are enough antioxidants to support the anti-aging claims and on the other hand AHAs and algae extracts to prevent breakouts.
The minor exception is the claimed “beige tone”. On my neutral to warm skin the product is a little pink, but as the coverage is sheer, it is barely noticeable.
As far as sunscreen goes: I wrote about it before, but just as a reminder: You will not get a SPF of 35 from this product, unless you apply about three times the amount you need for foundation purposes. Chemical filters spread a little easier than physical ones, but nevertheless, don’t rely on a foundation to give you sun protection.

Will I rebuy?
I like the product, but I am looking for a little more coverage to hide my discolorations and acne scars. If I could build it to medium coverage, I would repurchase for sure.

Who do I recommend it to?
People with minor skin concerns, just looking for a light base.
You really get a lot of skincare goodness, given this is a Tinted Moisturizer, but if you have multiple problem areas and are to impatient to work with concealer, you should probably try something else.
As far as skin type is concerned, it sits well on normal to slightly dry or slightly oily skin. If you are either dry or oily, another product might be better.

Have you tried this product before?
Do you prefer Tinted Moisturizers or are you a Foundation-Fan?


Different shades of neutral – my eyeshadow collection

First and foremost:
Yes, I do love MAC.
And yes, there were times when I would wait outside my Douglas in the middle of the night to get my hands on the newest releases first.
Actually it was 9 am, but you get the picture.

My collection, mostly MAC (well, only two exceptions…)

I am not that obsessed anymore, but as you will be able to tell from the picture above, I really have a thing for their eyeshadows.
And for neutrals.
Just for the record (and Mr. Loca, should he bother to read this): Yes, they all look different!

Prepare for pictures:
My 28 pan palette:
I got it from “Kosmetik Kosmo” two years ago and depotted most of the shadows myself (as you can see it didn’t work every time).

First and second row, first four

Upper row, the first four:
Tissue Weight (Frost), Nanogold (Lustre), Naked Lunch (Frost), Straw Harvest (Veluxe Pearl)

Tissue Weight, Nanogold, Naked Lunch, Straw Harvest

Second row, the first four:
All Races (Matte), Crosscultural (Matte), Showstopper (Matte), Mythical (Veluxe Pearl)

All Races, Crosscultural, Showstopper, Mythical

Third row, the first three:
Bamboo (Matte), Sand´n´Sun (Matte), Saffron (Satin)

Third Row, first three

Bamboo, Sand´n´Sun, Saffron

Upper row, the last three:
Random Silver Shade (I really don’t know), Birds´n´Berries (Veluxe Pearl), Moonflower (Frost)

Second row, the last three:
Club (Satin), Swimming (Frost), Shimmer Moss (Frost)

Third row, the last three:
Pink Puff (Satin), Dames Desire (Frost), Sweet´n´Punchy (Veluxe Pearl)

Upper, second and third row, last three
Random Silver Shade, Birds´n´Berries, Moonflower
Club, Swimming, Shimmer Moss
Pink Puff, Dames Desire, Sweet´n´Punchy

MAC Quad, starting upper left, going clockwise:
Manila Paper (Veluxe Pearl), Flip (Frost), Creole Beauty (Frost), Aztec Brick (Veluxe Pearl)

MAC Quad
Manila Paper, Flip, Creole Beauty, Aztec Brick

The MAC singles, from left to right:
Snow Season (Mineralize), Quarry (Mineralize), Semi-Precious (Satin), Dark Indulgence (Mineralize), Smoked Ruby (Mineralize)

MAC Singles

The others:
Catrice “Carrots of the Caribbean”, KIKO 219

Catrice “Carrots of the Caribbean”, KIKO 219
Snow Season, Quarry, Semi-Precious
Dark Indulgence, Dark Ruby, “Carrots of the Caribbean”, 219

Missing is “Satin Taupe”, which I love, but the Little Bean dropped it, so I have to rebuy.

Any further MAC addicts?
Can you name the LEs my shadows consist mostly of? Then praise to you!
Which one is your favorite?


One pan to find them, to banish and light them – MACs Pro Conceal and Correct Palette

Please excuse my sad attempt at rhyming, but my fellow nerds are going to recognize my tribute to Lord of the Rings.
Everyone else please be informed that my love for Concealer and Corrector is epic!

Concealer is easily my most used item.
Scars from recent or long gone blemishes, redness in my skin and my grayish-purple under eye shadows, I never run out of things I want to hide.

When I discovered Corrector, it was like a makeup epiphany.
Bobby Brown and You Tube introduced me to peachy shades that instantly added the three hours of sleep you didn’t get, and even on a no makeup day I still conceal my under eye area.

MAC Pro Conceal and Correct Palette in Light
After going through three pots of Bobby Browns “Light Bisque”, I figured it was time to branch out and try something else.
And because my love for MAC is true, I turned to their counter first.

What MAC claims:
Suitable for all skintypes, enriched with antioxidants. Can be combined to perfectly adapt every skins color. 
Claims for the Studio Finish Concealer are long-lasting, water-resistant and lightweight.
The palette retails for 42 € here. It contains four Studio Finish Concealer shades and two Correctors, with a total net weight of 6g. For comparison, a single Studio Finish Concealer contains 7g and retails for 20,50 €.
The shades included in the “Light” palette are NC 15 and NW 10 (top row, left to right), NC 20 and NW 20 (middle row, left to right) and Pale Yellow and Pale Pink (bottom row, left to right).
NC15, NW10, NC20, NW20, Pale Yellow. Pale Pink
Watched these shades appear darker than they really are. NC20 is just a little to dark for my face at the moment, for reference.
The mentioned antioxidants are Vitamin A and E, but they are low on the ingredient list, so I reckon there isn’t very much included.
Does it live up to its claims?
Most of them.
The shades can be mixed to suit your individual skin color, and I really like that I can use this palette throughout the year, no matter whether I am tanned or not. Mixing C and W is great for neutral toned girls like me, and the Corrector in Pale Pink works great on dark shadows.
It is long-lasting, water-resistant (but not waterproof) and doesn’t brake me out despite being creamy on application.
As for the added antioxidants, I am just not sure whether I need them in my concealer. I guess they won’t hurt, but most likely do nothing for my skin either.
The one thing I can’t agree with is lightweight. There are heavier formulas out there for sure, but I can feel it when applying it and still some time after. 
This might be just the price you pay for the excellent coverage, and it doesn’t bother me, but it is by no means a lightweight formula.
Will I rebuy?
I really like it, but I´d rather buy two or three different concealers and a corrector and customize my own colors this way. You always end up using one shade much more often than the others, and while I have hit pan on Pale Pink and NC20, I barely made a dent in Pale Yellow and NW10.
And while I really like the texture on my faces, it doesn’t work too well on my under eye area, as it creases and emphasizes my lines.
Of course lightly contouring and highlighting your face would totally be an option to put all the colors to use, but I just don’t do this everyday. And I wouldn’t want to cover my whole face with this texture.
Who do I recommend it to?
Anyone who likes the Studio Finish Concealer and goes through different grades of tan throughout the year. 
Or people who work on clients and need a variety of different shades.
And people with an obsession for Concealers, like myself.
Do you custom mix your concealer shades?
Or don’t you even bother, just using foundation?