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Makeup Declutter 2019 – Blush and Bronzer Collection

Advertisement info: This blog post contains *PR-Samples (gifted items) and uses affiliate links. I did not receive any money to write it. Please read disclaimer. When I started my Makeup Declutter, the part I was most afraid of was my lipstick collection. Even after going through all of them last summer, it still holds more than 60 pieces, which is a ridiculous amount, even if you wear lipstick every single day. I wasn’t aware how huge my blush and bronzer collection had gotten over the years though! Well, my blush…

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Makeup Declutter – The Eye Edition

Advertisement info: This blog post contains PR-Samples (gifted items) and affiliate links. I received no money to write it or film the corresponding video. Please read disclaimer. After my first attempt at a makeup declutter back in February (read about it here), I somehow got side tracked and didn´t continue with the project. For no specific reason, it just slipped my mind. But when I did my nails on Easter Monday (because that is what bank holidays are for) and then immediately smudged it again as my eyeshadow palette tower…

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LLL Vlogs 41 – Spring cleaning (with false lashes)

There is an increased amount of cleaning videos showing up in my You Tube suggestions, and I have no clue why. It can’t be based on my watch history. It can’t be based on Mr. Locas watch history either. He is really bad at remembering to switch profiles on our AppleTV, which is the reason that my feed shows as many “SUV tested in the dunes of Namibia” videos as it contains ASOS hauls, but cleaning videos surely aren’t his thing.     To be honest, I really have no…

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