Everyday Spring Makeup tutorial – Peachy, pink and bronze

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One of the many reasons I don’t celebrate Valentine´s Day is that it is just a week after my birthday.

And, to put it nicely, I am not always easy to please. Not that I demand a lot of presents or look at the money spend on me, but I do expect a gift to be carefully chosen and to come with a story that explains why this, and only this, was the thing my better half picked up for me.


Everyday Spring Makeup Tutorial
Everyday Spring Makeup Tutorial


Quite frankly, I´d rather have no present than a generic one, no matter the occasion. And that paired with all my other lovely and unique quirks, to stay in positive terms, would be too much to handle twice in one month.

Now if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I spend my birthday coughing and sneezing and unable to appreciate anything else than a pack of tissues.

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