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Makeup Forever Smoky Lash Mascara – Kate Moss

A long time before Kate Moss became the icon she is today, she was famous for a different look. And a different lifestyle, but that is a whole other story. Her look was topic of heated discussion, it was called the “heroin chic”, basically because the models looked like they were drug addicts with dark, smudged eye makeup, pale faces and very (very!) thin, androgynous bodies. Artistic expression versus healthy body image, Kate Moss versus Claudia Schiffer, the discussion took over print media and school break chat, and I, starting…

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June 2017 – Favorites and Recap

I have to admit that there were times last month that I felt pretty overwhelmed. Life was very busy and hectic, and while it was all for great reasons, it was a little exhausting as well.     Soon after I uploaded my video on how to handle kids, a job and the blog (watch here if you haven´t already), I got promoted. Which is awesome and a great opportunity, but also a lot of work, given that I had to very quickly pick up a whole new topic. So…

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