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New in Beauty April 2020 – The Inkey List, Self Tan and an indulgent repurchase

ADVERTISEMENT INFO: THIS BLOG POST CONTAINS PR-SAMPLES (GIFTED ITEMS) AND AFFILIATE LINKS. I RECEIVED NO MONEY TO WRITE IT. PLEASE READ DISCLAIMER. Way back in February, around my birthday, I used the discount codes I had for a few beauty purchases. Mostly skincare (quelle surprise!), but also some makeup bits, none of which have been shared on here yet. What a delay, but what can I say, sharing new beauty stuff suddenly took a back seat when March came around.     But to give you an idea of what…

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Decluttering my nail polish collection

I understand it might seem different, but I have never watched an episode of Mari Kondo on Netflix in my whole life. I haven´t even read her book, although I have considered gifting it to certain people I share a roof with several times.     The impulse to declutter my surroundings hasn´t been triggered externally, I have always had it. Not that I am a minimalist, but I prefer organized places and space around me. My mother might now think back at me growing up and strongly disagree, so…

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Low Buy 2019 – The first month

This blog post uses affiliate links and features PR-Samples, which classifies as advertisement. Please read disclaimer. So, that low buy thing… How has it been going so far? Well, thank you for asking! Pretty good, actually. I admit I feel a little envious about all of you that finished a No Buy January and now are back in the game, credit card in hand, but if I am completely honest, I don´t  really need anything. (Read about my Low Buy 2019 rules here)     Which is actually not entirely true: I…

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