New In Beauty March 2018 – The Ordinary, pixi and more

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After I returned from Galtür (read more about it here), I had a lovely package waiting for me. Inside was makeup, sparkly and shiny and new.

Sounds good, I hear you say. No. Better: Sounds good, I imagine you think right now.


New In Beauty March 2018
New In Beauty March 2018



Technically I cannot hear you, and I am not sure if anyone except me is talking to the computer screen. Mental note: Go out more!

Back to topic: Sounds good, but I knew I was leaving the next morning. And I wanted to start using the makeup. But before I could start using it, I needed to take pictures.

So I left unpacking, packing and sleeping to the last minute to get the shots you are about to see, with Mr. Loca shaking his head in disbelief. He will never understand!

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